Published On:21 January 2013
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Knowledge of Creator is the prime objective of education in Islam: Manzar Imam

By Our Special Correspondent

Bhopal: Students of madrasas are very intelligent. Given proper education and training, they can prove highly productive for society. These views were expressed by Advocate Mohammad Ibrahim Qureshi, a former minister, Government of Madhya Pradesh. He was speaking at an Educational Meeting here at Jamiatul Banat Madrasa Tanweerul Quran, Shaheen Colony on 13 January 2013. Qureshi, who is also Vice-President of the All India Muslim Education Society, said that madrasas had hugely contributed in the overall education of Muslims helping the State of Madhya Pradesh achieve highest literacy rate among rest of the north Indian states. Delighted to see that students at Madrasa Tanweerul Quran were taught Hindi, English and Mathematics besides Deeniyat, Qureshi said if madrasa students were taught Hindi, English and Mathematics besides religious subjects, they can be instrumental in playing an important objective role in the survival and development of society.

The former chairman of Madhya Pradesh State Minorities Commission, Qureshi said that the concept of jihad existed in almost all religions but it was unfortunate that the term was highly misunderstood. Jihad stands for struggle of truth against lie, of justice against injustice and of good against evil, he said. And in no other place than madrasas a better education is provided to fight against these evils, he added.

Speaking on this occasion, journalist Manzar Imam, who is also a member of the Banaat Education & Welfare Society and Director of Public Relations, Anjuman Foundation, Gaya, said that while a main objective of modern education was to prepare the new generation for future economy, in Islam the prime objective of education was to gain knowledge of the Creator of the universe. He said that the concept of earning livelihood and economy existed there as important part of education in Islam, but understanding one’s Creator was the topmost objective of education.

Mr. Imam, in whose Bhopal arrival, the meeting was convened, said that the culture of rape that had put India to big shame could be countered if people adopted sincerely the measures provided in Islam to regulate social behavior.

Islam propagates equality for men and women and Muslims need to empower women by giving them their due that would enable women to play larger role in social reform. Appreciating the efforts of both students and teachers of the madrasa, he said that the madrasa had made a remarkable achievement within a short span of four years as it was established in a slum with a very low literacy rate.

Hafiz Abdur Rashid, Head of Hifz section of Jamia Islamia Arabia Masjid Tarjumewali said it was heartening to see such a huge number of boys and girls getting education at the madrasa. He said that education was not meant only for children and adults also needed to come to the madrasa during their spare times and learn Quran, hadith and prayers etc.

Mufti Mohammad Javed Anwar Mazahiri, Principal of the madrasa, coordinated the programme which was attended by a good number of representatives of different madrasas and organisations besides locals. These among others included Abdul Wahid Khan, Mufti Akmal Yazdani Qasmi, Mufti Muhammad Afroz Qasmi, Hafiz Jawed Iqbal, Qari Mohammad Rafiq, Yousuf Dada Miyan and Haji Ilyas.

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