Published On:10 January 2013
Posted by Indian Muslim Observer

GUEST EDITORIAL: Muslim Leaders Should Not Use Inflammatory Rhetoric In Public Speeches

By Kaleem Kawaja

Indian Muslims live in India where Muslims are 15%, Hindus are 80% of the population. Almost all power (economic, police, military, intellectual prowess, education) is with Hindus; Muslims have no more than about 4% of it. Thus in the event of a conflict between the two communities, Muslims have to depend first on God's help and then on the balanced/secular/unbiased sense of a majority of Hindus. Otherwise might is right is going to play out, as it has over last 5,000 years on earth.

Despite a few Hindu politicians (Narendra Modi, Uddhav and Raj Thackeray, Praveen Togadia etc) speaking belligerently in public, if Muslims ignore that and put their case in a rational medium rather than belligerent rhetoric, there is a good possibility that majority Hindus will remain unbiased and practice secular/democratic methods, Thus Muslims can achieve human rights and development somewhat, though not entirely comparable to Hindus. Sachar Committee, Misra Commission, Srikrishna Commission, Gujarat SIT court that sentenced Maya Kodani etal to long jail term, were headed by Hindus yet gave fair judgements and recommendations on the situation of Muslims.

If the minority Muslims adopt a belligerent method of communication to insist on their demands, insist on speaking like Togadia etc, it is very likely that the Hindu dominated power structure will stop listening to Muslims' fair demands and turn a deaf ear to them. In that event Muslims can expect NO improvement in their condition or maybe a worsening of it. When that happens to whom will Indian Muslims take their case? The Arab, Persian, other Muslim countries! For 65 years these Muslim countries have totally ignored the oppression of Muslims in India. To: UN/western powers? Anti-Muslim feelings are strong in these countries after 9/11/01.

All these belligerent Muslim speakers (Shahi Imam Ahmad Bukhari, Akbaruddin Owaisi etc) speak only to Muslim audiences and in Muslim mohallas; they never venture into an audience/mohalla where Hindus are in a majority. All these fire breathing, venom spitting Urdu journalists write only in Urdu newspapers that are read only by Muslims. They never write in English or Hindi newspapers where majority of readers are Hindu. When Muslims face the Hindu reaction, all these lions & tigers of the community hide in their lanes and mohallas. So what use is all this empty/counterproductive rhetoric?

Even when you are telling the truth you have to do it n a manner that it may be received well and you may benefit from it.

The Quran tells us that when Moses went to admmonish Pharoh he asked for God's help in his being able to communicate his message well so that chances of his success are high. Everytime our prophet talked to the belligerent Kuffar of Mecca, he spoke in rational words with a persuasive tone; not in angry/harsh tone.

[Kaleem Kawaja is a community activist based at Washington DC. He can be contacted at: kaleemkawaja@gmail.com]

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13 comments for "GUEST EDITORIAL: Muslim Leaders Should Not Use Inflammatory Rhetoric In Public Speeches"

  1. Agree. These so called Muslim leaders lack leadership
    qualities. Communication skills are very important. The focus
    should be on the issues and not on the speakers. Unfortunately,
    the raving and ranting of these leaders shove the issues to
    the background and the leading news media target the speakers. The unmistakble impression is that they just want
    to be perceived as leaders by the Muslims by using
    inflammatory language and arouse their passions. These leaders
    need feedback on the harm they are doing to the community and
    told to polish their speaking skills or remain silent.

  2. "Indian Muslims live in India where Muslims are 15%, Hindus are 80% of the population"

    This is the root problem of Muslim psyche. they see every thing from religious angle.If something is wrong it must be treated as wrong (irrespective of someone being part of minority or majority).Your blog starts with very negative theme which implies that Muslims should denounce such speeches in India because numbers are not on there side.
    bye the way Non-Muslims status must be analysed by people like you in all those countries where the equations are opposite i.e. 85%Muslims and 15% non Muslims !
    And you will know the meaning of TOLERANCE

  3. What do you excatly mean by "opression of muslims in INDIA?" ... can you give any articles in this site showing some sense to that useless statement of yours?

  4. "Indian Muslims live in India where Muslims are 15%, Hindus are 80%. Thus in the event of a conflict between the two communities, Muslims have to depend first on God's help and then on the balanced/secular/unbiased sense of a majority of Hindus."

    If this is the reason you think Muslim leaders should not speak shit,then your writing and so called journalism is total bullshit. The reason for not speaking these words in public should be that this is just not right,either by Muslim or Hindu.And not just because Muslims are minorities...so according to your thinking,if there were 80% Muslims and 20% Hindus then it was to right to speak in this manner,correct?

    If Muslims were 80% and Hindus were 20% then I am sure you would have imposed sharia and beheaded those who don't convert to Islam.All other religious festivals would have been banned (sample in Haydarabad and other examples in Pak and Bangladesh) , no rights to contest elections etc etc.Forget about 4.5% job quota for minorities and other fundamental rights.India is VERY FORTUNATE that muslims are in minority,otherwise we were also going to be a failed nation like Pakistan. You need a doctor mate..you are suffering from mental illness and you need someone to explain you what exactly "Secularism" is...you people just know "one sided secularism". Looks like this article has been written by yet another illiterate and narrow minded jerk.Grow up..a kid from 3rd grade writes with much more logic than yours.

  5. Kaleem Kawaja : Since the enemies are strong and the ummah is surrounded we must surrender! Is that what you mean dear ? I am hurt by your self defeating completely uninspiring and demoralizing article.If your words have not gained the power to provoke the positive and brave sentiment among muslims , I suggest you to choose another profession.Typical minority mind set !

  6. Mr. Mohsin, I strongly differ with your opinion regarding what Mr. Kaleem Kawaja wrote. I wholeheartedly support Mr. Kawaja when he says that Muslim leaders should not give inflammatory speeches. Muslim leaders are most rabble rousers and at best middlemen in the corridors of power. After all, what have Muslim leaders delivered to the beleaguered community except playing with peoples sentiments, waiting for riots to happen and collecting relief materials in the name of riot victims, which only adds to their coffers rather than those of the victims. I find that most Muslim leaders believe in meeting, eating and shitting. I can give you ample proof of some big Muslim names who are running reputed NGOs, claim to work for the welfare of Muslims, but fill their own pockets after collecting Zakaat and other forms of charity, and fleece in the name of community welfare. Inshallah, I am going to expose these elements soon. Let me tell you, Muslims are their own enemies, and worst at that. What have people like Asaduddin Owaisi and Akbaruddin Owaisi given significant to the community? Muslims must learn to live in peaceful coexistence with their compatriots. Have we forgotten the teachings of Holy Quran "Lakum Deenakum Wale ya Deen" (Your religion is for you, and for others it is their religion). This is essentially the concept of secularism that Quran teaches. In my view Muslim Ummah is not surrounded by Hindus, but by some Muslims who have decided to bring more misfortune to the community by their irresponsible rhetoric. Mr. Kaleem Kawaja is doing a great service by his wise counsel. I commend Mr. Kaleem Kawaja for his bold article and would continue to give more space to words of wisdom.

  7. Mr.Danish, While I do agree with your estimation of the so called wolfs in the garb of Muslim leaders in India, however Mr.Kawaja's pessimistic advice not to resist the horrific rhetorics of BJP and RSS leaders whipping up communal frenzy at large is not a suitable prescription for a community that desperately needs morale boosting in order to strengthen and unite them decisively.You have to speak the language that your opponent understands.

  8. I am fully agree with Kaleem Khawaja arguments, Muslims need to be polite when demanding their due share in Indian state where 99 % power is held by Hindus. We cant expect any help from anybody including so called Muslim world.

  9. the cat is out of the bag.. Call your self Indian and Religious bias would cease to exist.. live in narrow world of religion.. well good luck wherever you are in minority.. as world knows what happens when muslims are in majority

  10. A Well-Planned Show happened to be a Flop Show!

    Believably The Hyderabadi Family had thought their speeches would make them Heroes and their Party a Party of Muslims. Poor Political Party & the Poor minds. It was all JOSH of some like minded & small-time outlaws which resulted in mere chay-tea-shop conversations and ultimately landing into the den of an incubus situation. The idea of creating a vote-bank completely turned futile. No fruitful future for the individuals/political parties who cross the boundaries drawn by our religious guidelines.

    Muslims for decades have practiced Secularism as taught by the Sufi/Saints. Secularism alone can be the best formula Muslims in India should follow as their ancestors did. Muslims were in majority at some point of time in Asia and were among the rulers. The political power, the judiciary, the money and all sorts of power was with them during their rule, but they never used any of the power neither to spread Islam nor to oppress the fellow brethren of the nation irrespective of their cast and creed. And that they never practiced the ideology what some so called Muslim Leaders today conveying in their message; the inflammatory/provocative rhetoric speeches.

    Those who agree with the inflammatory speeches of these corrupt/selfish leaders should give in some time in studying bits of history and find out which Muslim ruler ever delivered such speeches or ever did anything wrong on part of the non-Muslim brethren of our country.

    We Indian Muslims do not want to have a Muslim lead BJP or RSS in our community.

    So, please, kick away such inHuman Hypocritical Leaders who are doing this. These leaders' saying that "Siyaasat hamare ghar ki Loundi hy", is absolutely against the Holy Quran & our Prophet's teachings. "Siyaasah"/Politics is the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) and can never be Loundi of a person/family.


  11. Both Togadia and Owaisi are shitheads. Hearing derogatory remarks against his/her religion can make even the most secular person feel bad.

  12. They are just putting two communities against each other. At a personal level there is no disharmony. I have many Hindu friends and we respect each other's religion like we respect each other's hobbies or choices. We visit each other, have intellectual discussions, celebrate festivals, share sorrows and stand by each other. Owaisi's violence provoking speech full of disregard for somebody's respected religious/mythological figures is something I do not subscribe to.

  13. Guys, Spread this online news paper among Indian Hindus. They are unknown, thus they should know actually what happening.

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