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Central Computing Facility for Wakf Records across India inaugurated

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Helpful for Effective Administration of Wakf Properties, says K Rahman Khan

IMO News Service

New Delhi: K Rahman Khan, the Union Minister of Minority Affairs (MoMA) & Chairman, Central Wakf Council stressed the need for speedy computerization work at various State Wakf Boards to digitalize all information about 4 lakh Acre Wakf properties.

Mr. Khan said this after inaugurating the Central Computing Facility (CCF) at New Delhi on December 28, 2012. He also highlighted the emerging role of the Central Wakf Council in the light of the proposed amendment in the Wakf Act 1995 which provide for greater role of Wakf Institutions in protecting and developing the Wakf properties at various places. He said that Wakf assets are public properties and public is entitled to know and access the details. Computerization of the Records and Management of Data of Wakf properties spread across various states in an efficient and transparent manner will be very helpful in this, the Minister added.

The Joint Parliamentary Committee on Wakf in its 9th Report had recommended for a Scheme for Computerization of the Records of State Wakf Boards and Central Wakf Council during the year 2008 – 09 with a budgetary allocation of Rs.10 crores for establishment of Central Computing Facility (CCF). Under the scheme, the Central Wakf Council has been mandated to be the implementation facilitator such as providing training to the employees of the State Wakf Boards on Wakf Management System of India (WAMSI) project in co-ordination with National Informatic Centre (NIC), besides that the Council also required to liaisoning, networking and troubleshooting with the State Wakf Boards and NIC and to oversee the reconciliation of data and finally, assisting Ministry of Minority Affairs in implementation of the project.

In line with the above, the Central Wakf Council has established the Computing Facility, which was inaugurated today. The CCF is able to provide necessary guidance to the State Wakf Boards in terms of Computerization of the Records and Management of Data of Wakf properties spread across various states in an efficient and transparent manner.

Earlier speaking on the occasion Mr. Soloman, Joint Secretary (Wakf),Ministry of MA said that CCF have been set up in all the State Wakf Boards and data entry has begun. It is a small step but will make tremendous difference in serving the community. The Ministry is also moving towards strengthening State Wakf Boards, he added.

In his welcome address, Ali Ahmed Khan, Secretary, Central Wakf Council, emphasized the recent initiative undertaken by the Council for the implementation of the existing Wakf Act at different states such as completion of surveys, establishment of Wakf Boards, list of encroached properties, proper collection of Wakf income, maintaining accounts and auditing of income of the Wakfs and Wakf Boards, identification of Wakf land for development for generating higher income so as to finance various welfare programme for the economic betterment of the community. The Council has been constantly in touch with the State Wakf Boards for devising various strategies to attain the objective outlined under the Wakf Act, 1995.
Other senior officials of the Ministry of Minority Affairs and Central Wakf Council were also present on the occasion.
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