Published On:21 December 2012
Posted by Indian Muslim Observer

Gujarat 2012 Elections: Narendra Modi's electoral victory due to cowardice of Muslims

By Hem Raj Jain

Modi’s victory in Gujarat 2012 elections was a forgone conclusion for the simple reason that when some body can get-away with impunity after getting thousands of innocent Muslims massacred then naturally he will get more powerful and will win the elections also, as has been happening since 2002.

Modi and other responsible for this 2002 massacre could get-away for the simple reason that Muslims could not file the proper court cases. The social, political, media and religious leaders of Muslims also did not help the Muslim victims of this massacre to file these court cases properly. Even Chairperson of National Minority Commission (who is enjoying all the government power and facilities in the name of Muslims) does not do any thing about getting justice for these Muslim victims of 2002 massacre, as is evident from the following.

Even highly popularized victim like Tanveer Zafri (son of killed MP Sh. Ehsan Zafri) also did not file court cases by saying that they are afraid of Modi (as told to me by Hafiz Lakhani who gave me the phone number of Tanveer Zafri and enquired from Zafri that why is he not filing Court case in Gujarat High Court, as suggested by Hem Raj Jain and concurred by Justice Santosh Hegde, the retired Judge of Supreme Court).

Even now if Muslims file proper court case in Gujarat High Court, as given below, then Modi etc will go to jail.

I still remember when I was living in Delhi, I had met Aslam Bhure Khan at his residence in Daryaganj and asked him that why is he not filing an application in Supreme Court for the restoration of status-quo-ante of Babri Masjid ? He replied that he is afraid that it will lead to the massacre (Katle-aam) of Muslims in India. I told him - "because you did not file this application hence massacre of Muslims took place in 2002 in Gujarat, because criminal elements of Hindutva forces got emboldened knowing that they can do any thing and can get-away too".

I am only worried that this compromise of Muslims and their leaders of various fields with the perpetrators of 2002 massacre may not further embolden these criminals to inflict another massacre on hapless victims any where in India in future.

I am also surprised that what type of Muslims these people are who are followers of Islam (the only religion on this earth which expects its followers not be afraid of any body including the temporal authorities) and still tolerate such injustice, demoralization and humiliation.

But whether Muslims community in India and their social, political, media and religious leaders want this justice to be done (to the victims of 2002 Gujarat massacre of thousands of innocent Muslims) or not is a million Dollar question.

[Hem Raj Jain is a prominent human rights and civil rights activist. He can be contacted at jainhemraj59@gmail.com]

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By Indian Muslim Observer on December 21, 2012. Filed under , , , , . Follow any responses to the RSS 2.0. Leave a response

1 comments for "Gujarat 2012 Elections: Narendra Modi's electoral victory due to cowardice of Muslims"

  1. Hats off to Mr. Hem Raj Jain for writing such a bold article. Mr. Jain has rightly exposed the battered Gujarat Muslims for what they really stand for. Muslims have become cowards, selfish and utterly corrupt. One should not expect more from this community. Muslims in India should be left to fend for themselves and rue their own fate. This community does not deserve any sympathy. Let hundreds of Narendra Modi bloom in India so that this community may be brought to its senses. Muslim leaders and organizations are complete dalals (middlemen), ineffective and impotent. The less said about tis community the better it will be.

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