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Adapting Islam hospitality business could generate 149,000 million in 2020

Experts predict that it becomes a profitable future business

Madrid: The growth in tourism has led Muslim in recent years that the hotels that meet Islamic standards have increased exponentially occupation, by adapting their services to the teachings and principles of Islam and Islamic law, and forecasts is this a business tourism generates more than 149,000 million in 2020.

With an estimated world population of 1,800 million, Muslims have become an objective fashion world tourism industry who have worked to build hotels and restaurants 'halal' or even adapt prayer rooms in airports religious needs.

The hotels 'halal' (permissible in Arabic) does not serve alcohol, menus offer certified 'halal', women-specific facilities, prayer rooms and, in general, a welcoming environment for Muslim tourists.

During Ramadan last year, the famous Hotel Sacher in Vienna, Austria , ordered specific facilities for prayer and special meals before dawn ('sahur') and sunset ('iftar').

Also other facilities such as the luxurious Lord Milner in London or chain Holiday Villa Hotel, have adjusted installing an indication signal 'Qibla' in their rooms.
New profitable business.

As the Muslim population with high purchasing power is increasing in Muslim majority countries and particularly in Western Europe and the United States, experts predict that tourism halal become a profitable future business.

According to a study by U.S. consultancy Dinar Standard, Muslims in 2011 spent $ 126,000 million (nearly 98,000 million) in travel and the forecast is to reach 192,000 million (149,000 million euros) in 2020.

The founder and CEO of Crescentrating, Fazal Bhardeen, ratings organization that hotels and airports according to how they fit the needs of Muslims, explains that this type of tourism is very profitable because tourists 'halal' traveling large family groups remain in the place they choose a while and spend more.

Hotels Worldwide

So far the favorite destinations have been predominantly Muslim-majority countries such as Egypt, Malaysia and Turkey. However, other non-Islamic sites as Australia have recently joined the list of countries pro-Islamic tourism.

In Dubai, where hotel groups have announced the development of hotel chains that comply with Islamic law. Almulla Hospitality plans to open 150 hotels by 2015 Halal, not only in the Middle East but also in Europe and North America.

Also, the hotel chain is proposed Jawhara implanted in 25% of its stores in Dubai adequate services for them to be fully compatible with the precepts laid down in Islamic law or Sharia.
Even these hotels devote 2.5% of their net profit as 'zakat', the solidarity surcharge or Islamic alms is considered obligatory for every Muslim adult income.

But interest in this model of tourism extends beyond the companies located in the Muslim-majority countries. Headquartered in Zurich, Kempinski, plans to build by 2015 about 30 hotels in collaboration with the Islamic Advisory Consultant, Financial Group. Under the brand Shaza will open hotels in North Africa, the Gulf region and Europe.

Best Western, and provides Halal hotels in Malaysia, Bahrain and Oman, and plans to open more hotels in the coming years. The Rezidor Hotel Group, based in Brussels, which operates brands such as Radisson SAS and Park Inn, has estimated that the hotel market support the 'Shariah' grow around 20% per year over the next decade.

Tourism 'halal' is also a cultural tourism. So as Islamic Travels agencies offer "explore the ummah" , ie travel to countries marked by an Islamic tradition, to meet people and live among Muslims. The trips are organized according to religious moments, like the five daily prayers, Friday prayers and Ramadan.

(Courtesy: EuropaPress.es)

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