Published On:24 November 2012
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A Reflection on the Halal Market in Spain

It's a good time to encourage the flourishing of individual harmonic Halal initiatives

By Hanif Escudero Uribe

The market Halal is new in Spain. Early milestones dating back in the seventies, with the arrival of food products Halal Europeans, the result of the maturation of resident immigration in countries like France, Belgium, England and Germany and the level of consumer demand. In the eighties, with the arrival of immigrants from African countries and the emergence of the first Spanish Muslim converts, opened the first butcher shops and small food shops, later introduced a certification of quality Halal , Halal Institute, and created a consumer protection organization Halal Life.

There is now more than a million and a half Muslims in Spain. Islam is plural and diverse which gives rise to different schools of jurisprudence, or schools of thought related cultures possible interpretations of the Quran and the Sunnah, or example of the Prophet Muhammad (SWS). In Spain this diversity is a mirror of other European countries but with the factor of being the country closest to Africa. Only about 700,000 Moroccans are Muslims in Spain.

In any case the vision and concept requirement Halal , goes beyond a term diet, to be a healthy lifestyle and ethical advisable for any human being. A clear example is the trend between consumers Halal non-Muslims, who choose a product Halal as they feel they have more control, and supplemented with official controls, offer greater security, especially in products are likely to contain pork, alcohol, or any harmful additive in the case of financial products, with an interest or unfair terms.

Moreover, more than two hundred companies in Spain have decided to meet the requirements of Islamic law and produce food or services which are deemed Halal, and therefore allowed in Islam. Adapting to these requirements has been gradual and today most of Halal producers are high quality and are trained to meet the needs and requirements of all consumers, as well as the requirements of the main destinations for the export of products Halal . Certainly the opening of new markets is a key factor in the rise of industry Halal in Spain.

Another advantage to market standardization Halal Spanish is the existence of a normative reference, Regulation of Use of the certification mark of Halal Islamic Council, which is recognized by the different standards of the Arab countries, the countries of Southeast Asian and European regulations and international level.

For all these aspects is a good time to encourage the flowering of the various initiatives harmonic Halal , both in the field of production, distribution or sale, as in the field of certification, control or supervision of the market Halal . Definitely need the active involvement and participation of the Muslim community and the other stakeholders, producers, consumer, animal welfare advocates associations, industry groups and so on. with the intention that the outcome is the result of a "shura", ie consensus standards, first within the Muslim community itself, and second with the other party affected by it.

(Courtesy: Instituto Halal)

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