Published On:31 October 2012
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US: At Election time degeneration of morality hits another low point

By Kaleem Kawaja

November 6, 2012 is election day in America. On that day ellection will be held for the office of US President, US Senators, US Congressmen and governors of various states. Also on that day many states and countries will hold election for members of state assemblies, county councils and an assortment of elected positions. Also on that day various states will hold refrandum on a variety of local and national issues. Two prominent issues are: Same sex marriage and legalized gambling.

Same Sex marriage

Presently homosexual men and women in US have all the freedom to live together and to say openly that they are homosexual. However in America marriage is still defined by the definition in Bible that it is the union of a man and a woman. In recent years homosexuality has become prevalent in US; with many political leaders, movie actors, TV personalities, athletes accademics and other celebrities announcing in public they are active homosexuals. The major media in US is avidly supporting the public acceptance of homosexuality and is advocating that the voters approve same sex marriage in this year's election time referendum

Even President Obama had declared his support for same sex marriage. The homosexual peope have formed powerful lobbying groups who are lobbying to approve the same sex marriage as a legal institution. Thus a large number of en-bloc voters vowing to approve the same sex marriage legislation, are putting lot of pressure on those political candidates and leaders who oppose legalization of same sex marriage.

In direct opposition to the votaries of same sex marriage are the religious establishments. Almost all Christian (protestant, catholic, baptist, methodist, episcopalian, mormon, anglican, seventh day adventist, christian-scientist) churches, Jewish synagogues, temples of Buddists, Hindus, Sikhs, and Muslim mosques are advocating that people reject the legisation that defines marriage as either between a man and woman, or a man and another man, or between a woman and another woman. A variety of pastors of Christian churches that represent the majority of American population who believe in religion are lobbying to reject the notion of same sex marriage as antithetical to civilized living.

The fact remains though that a large population in America are irreligious people who have no faith in religion or God per se. The number of atheists in America has steadily grown to about 40% of population as material goods and comforts have become more commonplace. Such is the dislike for the institution of religion and God in the majority of US population that they do not even think of same sex marriage as a new depth of immorality in society. Bible's description of these people as the people of Sodom and Gommorrah who were ultimately destroyed with God's wrath does not cut a dice with them. Of the two political parties, the Democratic party is an avid supporter of same sex marriage. The Republican party members though are divided; most of them oppose it while a minority supports it. 

Legalized Gambling

The other immoral issue on which referendum is taking place in US is that of establishing legalized gambling centers, or casinos in a variety of cities. The governments of various states are saying that the income to the government by way of high taxes on gambling casinos will be ploughed into improving the quality of schools. Once again it is amazing that the abhorrent institution of gambling is being sought to be legalized and glorified by its proponents as saviours of society by helping improve education. Promoting the evil of gambling in society is not being looked at as an immoral institution. Again most Christian churches, synagogues, mosques and temples and the religious leaders of various faiths are opposing this effort; but with irreligiosity on the upswing in society, the takers for the appeals of the religious leaders are in a minority.

Obviously the opening of casinos will lure many a low income people to try them as a means of getting rich quick. But as experience shows gambling onlly results in the poor people loosing whatever money they have and become poorer. Neglect of families and children by the men who are the breadwinners and who become addicted to gambling, with the easy access to gambling centers close to their residences is a curse that will cause havoc in society.

Ignoring other harmful causes of decline

In the same vein neither US politicians nor other social leaders are looking at US conducting wars on third world countries for about 12 years now, and its huge financial burden on society. Incidently US has conducted these wars exclusively in Muslim countries. Let alone the deaths of about 7,000 US soldiers and over one million people of the third world countries in these wars. For 12 years now the US economy is in poor shape, unemployment is high and the deficit in the US budget has mushroomed.

There is no question that US is a most scientifically, economically and militariy advanced nation, the only superpower on planet earth. Yet the rejection of the guidance that the institution of religion provides to society, which helps maintain basic morality and keeps the nation and people on a stright path, is having a devastating effect on US. The progress of US in various arenas has slowed down. In the last ten years while the economy of China grew by 9% and that of India grew by 5%, the US economy grew by less than 2%.

Such pandering to immortal issues for the sake of votes by the politicians of the Democratic and Republican parties is causing much tension and rift in the US society. It is causing immense harm to the institution of family which is the bedrock of the American society. It is very lamentable that as recently as 1950s, the US society respected family values, and the institution of religion and its guidance in daily ioves of the people. That made US the most advanced nation on earth. But now accepting policies that are lowering morality in the nation is also causing an overall decline in the status of US on the global stage.

[Kaleem Kawaja is a community activist based at Washington DC. He can be contacted at: kaleemkawaja@gmail.com]

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