Published On:20 October 2012
Posted by Indian Muslim Observer

The Horizon is no More

By Jean-Paul Cassone'

Over the period of these past 50 years the United States was forever subjected to one of the most heinous strains of viral criminality known to government! President Eisenhower first alluded to its discovery in “The Industrial Military Complex”, as well as within certain Zionist circles of the then Israeli governing body! Later President Kennedy found himself contending with a mutated super-strain of this same demoralizing germ showing up as “The Gnomes of Zurich” in international banking, his own State Department, a “Nuclear Israel” and finally, in his death!

The US presidential elections of 2012 is now overflowing with irony when it is put in contrast with the Mayan Calendar theory. This is due to the fact that this election celebrates “a sealed-and-final culmination” of this rapacious pandemic’s victory over all of a once alive and vital democracy! Both presidential candidates, all of the US media conglomerates, the majority of both houses of government, the Pentagon, NATO, the banks and Wall Street have now all fallen prey to the viral control of this beast! What is to follow now shall be 10 times worse than World War II, 5 times worse than Nazism and twice as bad as “The Black Plague”! Americans can plan on a further confiscation of their rights, their blog-sites and firearms, false arrests, the disappearances of journalists, currency collapses, police state foot soldiers and periodic bouts with chaos, while the world outside experiences more and more battles-to-the-death for Sovereignty. If my theory proves to become fact and even if the Mayans are proven way off their mark about many of us surviving into next year and beyond, they were certainly right on target about one thing; something very catastrophic has picked this moment in time to be its anniversary!

What was once a distant thunder on the horizon of feasible possibilities in everything going wrong for Americans has finally happened! To speak figuratively, it is now just around the corner from the front door! It has now become the most perilous time ever for all Americans and the world. You see it has always been people like me who took the stance of throwing body-blocks between this monster pandemic’s head and you. But the horizon is no more; this beastly germ has grown too strong in strength, too vast in size and it has presently achieved “Dominant Rule”! This leaves me with no other choice but to remove myself from “alternative news and editorials” completely! May we live to someday greet one another alive, in peace and free from this beast, and may your God and mine help us all!

["The Horizon is no More" is being reprinted with permission by Jean-Paul Cassone, Editor-in-Chief, CCN News, free from compensation and without obligation! He can be contacted at jpcassone@yahoo.com]

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By Indian Muslim Observer on October 20, 2012. Filed under , . Follow any responses to the RSS 2.0. Leave a response

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