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21 October 2012

International engineering journal IJERA publishes research papers of two Saboo Siddik Technical College lecturers

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By Danish Ahmad Khan

New Delhi: Muslims are now showing tremendous acumen and excelling in the field of scientific and technological research. Recently, two young lecturers employed in Saboo Siddik Technical College, Mumbai (Maharashtra State) have made their mark in the field of electronics research and technology.

A team of freelance researchers comprising Haque Mobassir Imtiyaz, Khan Niyaz Ahmed Abdul Mateen, Intiyazul Haque and Veena Narayankar have come out with two pathbreaking research. 

Haque Mobassir Imtiyaz
Haque Mobassir Imtiyaz and Khan Niyaz Ahmed Abdul Mateen are the two key figures of this freelance research team. While talking to Indian Muslim Observer from Mumbai, Haque Mobassir Imtiyaz expressed happiness over the achievements of the freelance research team.

Mobassir said that the team of freelance researchers has compiled their research on the two vibrant topics – “Fresnell zone and di-electric medium transmission in unique co-existence” and “Diode - Unique Behaviour Documentation on IN4007 Diode”.

The first research deals with unique co-existence of fresnell zone and di-electric medium transmission. In this study, they have found result between device reflections co-efficient at infinite value. This study concludes that unique behavior of signal transmission in fresnell zone through di-electric medium that power reduces to near minimum zero before suddenly jumping to 4% and remains constant for few subsequent values before ultimately falling to zero. This study can go far to change the concept of noise in wireless communication.

The second research is even more revolutionary revolving around a semiconductor device “Diode”. They have operated this device in absolutely new operating region not documented till date. This study may change the way we look at electronics devices.

Khan Niyaz Ahmed Abdul Mateen
Their work has now been recognized all over the world and several journals have published the research papers. A reputed international journal on engineering research named ‘International Journal of Engineering Research and Application’ (IJERA) has published both the research papers in its latest July-August 2012 issue (Vol. 2, Issue 4, July-August 2012, pp.1727-1732).

Apart from this, both the research papers have received recognition from several renowned bodies. This includes EBSCO Host, Index Copernicus International, Directory of Open Access Journal (DOAJ), Computer Science Directory, Cabell's Directories, Research Gate Scientific Network, ISSUU, Europeana Libraries and 23 more World libraries.

Haque Mobassir Imtiyaz and Khan Niyaz Ahmed Abdul Mateen were also invited by ‘Institute of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering’ (IETE) to present their papers in the 55th Annual Convention held in Bangalore on 28-30 September 2012. 

[Danish Ahmad Khan is a Journalist based at New Delhi. He is Founder-Editor of IndianMuslimObserver.com. He can be reached at indianmuslimobserver@gmail.com]

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