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IMO EXCLUSIVE: Son puts Hamdard University Chancellor Saiyid Hamid under ‘House Arrest’?

By Danish Ahmad Khan

“The old order changeth maketh way for new” – thus goes the famous old adage. But, what about when the old order brings in an inefficient new order to assist him, and that too, showing a remarkable display of crass nepotism!

Yes, this is what actually the renowned 92-year-old Muslim educationist and social reformer Saiyid Hamid, while showing his blind love for his eldest son Syed Samar Hamid akin to the epic character Dhritrashtra, has done by bringing him in to assist in managing the affairs of Hamdard Public School (HPS) and appointing him as its Manager. Displaying a weird streak in his characteristic, the ‘new order’ Syed Samar Hamid has now put the ‘old order’, his own father Saiyid Hamid in the dock and is now keeping him under a state of ‘House Arrest’.

Born in 1920, Saiyid Hamid, after retiring from a long and distinguished career in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), was appointed Vice Chancellor of his alma mater Aligarh Muslim University. Hakeem Abdul Hameed, Founder of Hamdard Dawakhana (now Hamdard (Wakf) Laboratories) and Hamdard Education Society (HES), spotted the talented Saiyid Hamid and brought him under his aegis to manage the affairs of HES and appointed him as Secretary of HPS. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had in 2005 appointed Saiyid Hamid as a Member of the high level Sachar Committee to prepare a report on the social, economic and educational status of the Muslim community of India. 

After his appointment, Saiyid Hamid started efficiently managing the affairs of HES, under which also runs Hamdard Public School and Hamdard Study Circle (HSC) – the Coaching and Guidance Centre for preparing Muslim candidates for Civil Services examination. Saiyid Hamid was also instrumental in getting Deemed status for Jamia Hamdard (Hamdard University). Hakeem Abdul Hameed, the Founder of Hamdard University, was also its first Chancellor. However, after Hakeem Abdul Hameed’s death the mantle was passed on to Saiyid Hamid and he became the Chancellor and now continuing into the post. 

Saiyid Hamid under ‘House Arrest’

Recently, we were a witness to a pitiable and distressing scene at Hamdard Public School when I along with Mohammad Aleem and Shahabuddin Yakub had gone to meet Saiyid Hamid on 29th September 2012 for presenting him his Biography. Mohammad Aleem is the author of the biography “Saiyid Hamid – A Relentless Reformer”. Shahabuddin Yakub is the Publisher and owns Gloriords Publications, which has published the biography.

Mohammad Aleem at Saiyid Hamid's residence. Photo by Danish Ahmad Khan
We reached the Hamdard Public School about 10 minutes late and Saiyid Hamid had by then left for his residence in the School premises. After a long time, an ailing 92-year-old Saiyid Hamid had spent an hour at the School office that day. We were asked by Saiyid Hamid’s Sr. PA (Personal Assistant) Mr. Bhatia to instead meet his son Syed Samar Hamid, Manager of Hamdard Public School. Or else, if we wanted to meet Saiyid Hamid personally then we need to first take the permission of his son. We were asked to wait for a meeting with Mr. Samar Hamid, who was in the Conference Room. It was taking too long for him to meet us. Mr. Bhatia then suggested that we leave the Biography at the office and it would be later on handed over to Saiyid Hamid. But after a long wait, the author Mohammad Aleem, Publisher Shahabuddin Yakub and I decided to personally meet Saiyid Hamid at the residence without waiting further to meet Mr. Samar Hamid.

After reaching the residence within minutes, we requested by the lady staff present there to convey our meeting request to Saiyid Hamid and that we wanted to present the Biography personally to him as he was the person on whom this was written. The lady staff at the residence immediately recognized Mohammad Aleem and acknowledged that on several occasions he had extended sessions with Saiyid Hamid for seeking his opinion and conversing. However, we were told that the meeting with Saiyid Hamid is not possible now and that we have to first talk to and seek permission from his son Syed Samar Hamid. The lady staff herself called up Mr. Samar Hamid a number of times at the School office seeking his permission for a meeting with Saiyid Hamid. We were made to wait for quite a few hours for a meeting with a person, who was otherwise previously quite accessible. However, it seems Saiyid Hamid somehow heard about our presence and expressed his desire to meet us without waiting for the permission of his son. The lady staff on his request assisted Saiyid Hamid reach us for a meeting and personally receiving his Biography. He was visibly pleased to see his first-ever Biography published in his lifetime and confabulated with us and even posed for photographs at our request. Though ailing for quite some time and despite his old age, Saiyid Hamid was all ears to us, shared his experiences and talked heartily. But, the confabulations were short-lived as an infuriated Mr. Bhatia came rushing out of the office and on to the residence on the commands of his son Syed Samar Hamid and started scolding us and manhandling Saiyid Hamid.

Syed Samar Hamid
It was indeed heart rending to see the Sr. PA Mr. Bhatia manhandling and scolding Saiyid Hamid for gathering courage to meet us without seeking the permission of his son Syed Samar Hamid. I along with my father had on several occasions gone to meet Saiyid Hamid at Hamdard Public School related to some work pertaining “The Gaya Muslim Orphanage” – a 95-year-old institution in Gaya (Bihar) established by my grandfather Enayeth Khan. Mr. Bhatia used to be a PA to Saiyid Hamid and was at his beck and call when Saiyid Hamid was personally managing the affairs. Saiyid Hamid was then quite accessible and always used to meet us whenever we called on him at the School office or at his residence situated in the premises of Hamdard Public School. Mr. Bhatia used to be very polite, courteous and always on his toes whenever Saiyid Hamid summoned him. But, with son Syed Samar Hamid at the helm now things have undergone a drastic change at Hamdard Public School. It gave me a feeling that Mr. Bhatia has become powerful and dictating Samar Hamid on how to manage the affairs and handle the people visiting Saiyid Hamid. The manner in which an infuriated Mr. Bhatia came rushing out of the office and on to the residence and started scolding us and manhandling Saiyid Hamid told the entire tale – how lonely it has become for Saiyid Hamid in his twilight years, particularly when the person who is ailing and in his old age is desperately in need of a company and words of compassion.

In Islam, there are specific instructions for believers to visit the ailing and elderly and enquire about their well being. But, here a follower of Islam (Syed Samar Hamid) is keeping into ‘captivity’ another believer (his own father Saiyid Hamid) and barring other believers (I, Mohammad Aleem and Shahabuddin Yakub) from meeting him, particularly when a number of calls had been previously received about the publishing of his Biography.

All efforts are now being made to keep Saiyid Hamid isolated and in a state of ‘House Arrest’. Though, Saiyid Hamid wanted to spend more time with us, but Mr. Bhatia’s intervention at the behest of his son was enough to make him heartbroken and pensive. It was a sad spectacle and I managed hard to fight back my tears seeing his plight.

Most of the acquaintances quite well known to Saiyid Hamid, whom I recently talked to, have complaints against his son Syed Samar Hamid as well, who is not only badly managing his father but also the Hamdard Public School. They rue the fact the gone are those days when we used to easily meet the highly accessible Saiyid Hamid and seek his guidance over important community issues. Even, Saiyid Hamid readily provided the much needed advice and ably guided those who approached him.

What has Gone Wrong with Muslims and their institutions?

The ‘imprisonment’ of Saiyid Hamid by his son Syed Samar Hamid should not be seen in isolation. There is a much deeper malaise afflicting the Muslim community presently. Nepotism is the hallmark of most Muslim-managed institutions and is being blatantly practiced. This raises serious questions over their own credibility as well as those of their kin.

I got the opportunity to meet Syed Samar Hamid along with the author and publisher of Saiyid Hamid’s Biography on the same day at the HPS office. A brief interaction with Mr. Samar Hamid was enough to tell what the man actually stands for – a person full of airs, discourteous, obstinate, dictatorial, one who likes to be surrounded by sycophants, jealous of his father’s stature, suffering with inferiority complex, gripped with a sense of insecurity and one who sees Muslims in poor light. These are the qualities that Syed Samar Hamid possesses according to my perception during my first interaction with him.

When I used to visit Hamdard Public School in earlier times when Saiyid Hamid was keeping good health, he managed the affairs of HPS with the help of only one Personal Assistant (PA) Mr. Bhatia. But, now Syed Samar Hamid has two PAs to assist him – a Junior PA and Sr. PA. It seems as if a government office is being managed out of HPS. This is not enough. There is more than meets the eyes. According to Hamdard Public School website (http://www.hamdardpublicschool.org/index.php), a photograph of Syed Samar Hamid is displayed along with that of Abdul Mueed, son of Hakeem Abdul Hameed (President, Hamdard National Foundation) and Saiyid Hamid (Chancellor, Hamdard University & Secretary, Hamdard Education Society) on Our Architects Page (http://www.hamdardpublicschool.org/archi.htm). The website shows Syed Samar Hamid as Manager, Hamdard Public School. But, when we met Mr. Samar Hamid he was found sitting in the Director’s chamber with two PAs at his beck and call in addition to the services being provided by School peon. Those who had earlier visited Hamdard Public School a few years ago and those who visit now will see a great difference. During the heydays of Saiyid Hamid the HPS was well maintained, spic and span. But, it seems ever since Syed Samar Hamid has taken over the affairs of HPS the luster is now gone and the school is ill-kept and badly managed. A full-scale investigation will bring out even more skeletons out of Syed Samar Hamid’s cupboards.

The Hamdard Public School, which Hakeem Abdul Hameed established for the benefit of Muslims and which was so painstakingly nurtured by Saiyid Hamid, is now dying a slow death and is being sacrificed at the altar of nepotism. This should act as a wake-up call for Muslims. A great, modern educational institution for Muslims like Hamdard Public School needs to be saved from the vice-like grip of Syed Samar Hamid!

[Danish Ahmad Khan, a Delhi-based Journalist, is Founder-Editor of IndianMuslimObserver.com. He can be contacted at indianmuslimobserver@gmail.com]

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6 comments for "IMO EXCLUSIVE: Son puts Hamdard University Chancellor Saiyid Hamid under ‘House Arrest’?"

  1. REAly its very painfull to know that Hamid saheb is under house arrest by his own aurangzebi SON.I would request people to take this movmenmt ahead and save Hamdard School and institute.Samar hamid is an ignorant man he will destroy every thing.hHamid saheb should not have done such mistake against which he has been fighting for years.those who want to send their children to hamdard schoo in future should join hand to remove SAMAR HAMID A GREAT LOVER.ISHQ BAZ

  2. Danish Ahmed saheb. Why don't you provide the contact details of Syed Hamid saheb and his son here so that all his well wishers can start a campaign for 'freeing' Syed Hamid saheb from the house arrest.

  3. This is a sad,inaccurate irresponsible and ABSOLUTELY false piece of information. Writing such articles is not only misleading but hurtful.There is obviously an agenda behind posting such a spiteful article. Don't be naive enough to believe such news. As a muslim the author should know that bad mouthing and slandering someone with malicious intent is also against the tenets of Islam. Misinterpreting and exaggerating the obvious concerns of a dutiful son towards his father is irresponsible as a journalist.
    People should know better than believing such rubbish so obvious in it's bias.

  4. It is easier to deny a truth than accept it with open mind and heart. we are living in a day where hypocrisy rules everything. what written about Samar Hamid is a fact and it can't be denied. I was with Danish Khan that day who wrote painstakingly this report on him. it is very malicious to say that what he has written is pretty concoction of facts and rubbish of an envious mind. I know Samar Hamid well and his behavior. even those people who work under him has enough to tell about him. but they fear to open their mouths. We much care than anyone about following the basic tenets of our great religion, Islam. if he was a dutiful son really, these whole things which have come out now, would not have come at all. We have a great respect for ailing Hamid Sahib. But equally, we feel greatly concerned about his well-being. He is like an asset for the whole Muslim community. Allah may keep him safe from every harmful acts and scamps.
    Mohammad Aleem

  5. Its really painful to read such things.Mr samar Hamid please tell me one thing who has appointed you there to look after the things.Have you appeared first for interview.see you are looser in life now you are trying to impose yourself on administration with the help of your father.but soon you will be thrown out of Hamdard.many staff of Hamdard Public school are in search of new job so that they could leave the Hamdard becoz they are fearful that one day they will loos their every thing.lady staff are not safe.you are known for your love affairs in campus not for any other reason.you are against HIJAB/SCARF.you discourage girls to wear parda.this world is big go some where else man.leave the Hamdard.people are waiting for proper time to come.a agitation will be stated agaist you,wait

  6. Yes i am totally agreed with this article and i just want say that this article is very nice and very informative article.I will make sure to be reading your blog more. You made a good point but I can't help but wonder, what about the other side? !!!!!!THANKS!!!!!! Legging

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