Published On:02 October 2012
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Does freedom of speech pretext justify blasphemy?

By Kourosh Ziabari

Unquestionably, those who produced the blasphemous movie "Innocence of Muslims" and released its 14-minute trailer on YouTube want to sow the seeds of discord among the Muslims, Jews and Christians.

Their goal was also to enrage the Muslims across the world in order to portray them as fanatics and extremists.

The Western media have described the movie a low quality production to appease the anger of Muslims.

The man behind the movie has assumed several ambiguous and equivocal identities so as to avoid the consequences of his scandalous work. He was first identified as an Israeli-American citizen named Sam Bacile when he gave an interview to the Associated Press one week ago, but it was consequently claimed that he is a Coptic Egyptian man called Nakoula Basseley Nakoula. It is said that 100 Jewish donors contributed $5 million to this movie and one may hardly overlook the fact that they are the Zionists who benefit from the production of such a movie which insults the Muslims and their holy Prophet (PBUH).

Certain Western media and U.S. officials used the massive demonstrations of the anti-American protesters in the Middle East and Asian nations such as Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Pakistan and India to condemn the Muslims for their “violent response” to the movie. As always, they were the Muslims who were blamed and condemned, and those who masterminded the anti-Islam scenario of releasing the sacrilegious movie and after that, publishing the offensive cartoons of Prophet (PBUH) in the French "Charlie Hebdo" satire magazine were exonerated, thanks to the excuse of "freedom of speech" which has always facilitated the justification of Islamophobic propaganda in the Western media.

The heated protests of the Muslims across the globe which the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has condemned come as a natural consequence of the ugly and dreadful assaults of the United States and other Western nations on Islam. When the West flagrantly abuses the concept of "freedom of speech" to justify their blasphemous insults to Islam and its sanctities, it's clear that the Muslims will intrinsically burst into anger and respond fiercely.

The West-directed campaign against Muslims has been underway for a long time, but revitalized in the recent years, especially following the 9/11 attacks and when President W. Bush declared his War on Terror, which some political commentators see as a War on Islam.
In September 2005, the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten published offensive cartoons of the Prophet (PBUH), leading to a worldwide controversy which lasted for several months.

In 2006, the extremist, right-wing Dutch MP Geert Wilders produced an inflammatory movie titled "Fitna" in which he directed baseless and funny accusations against Islam, including the claim that Islam supports violence and terrorism. As Kaiser Bengali wrote in The Express Tribune, "Wilders' ideas struck a chord in mainstream politics across Europe. France and Belgium banned veils that covered the face and Switzerland barred the construction of new minarets following a referendum. Anders Breivik, a Norwegian Christian extremist, who killed nearly 80 people outside Oslo to express his anti-Islamist sentiments, had cited Wilders' anti-Islamic views in his online manifesto."

Other attacks were sporadically launched on Islam and Muslims until 2011 when the insane pastor of an evangelical church in the U.S. named Terry Jones burnt some copies of the Holy Quran on the anniversary of 9/11 attacks and sparked international anger. The publicity stunt later confessed in an interview that he had never read the Quran and even did not know Prophet (PBUH). 

And now, the anti-Islam and anti-Muslim attacks have been manifested in the form of the blasphemous movie which the neo-conservative commentator of The Wall Street Journal has described as a film which "nobody has seen". 

The duplicitous and hypocritical reaction of the Western politicians and media to the movie and their justification that its screening and distribution is acceptable according to the value of "freedom of speech" is a testimony that they have never been sincere in their claims and that they are intentionally inattentive to and careless about the sensitivities of about 1.5 billion people around the world. 

If freedom of speech is a universal value, then it should not be limited when it comes to criticizing Israel and talking about its dominance over the U.S. Congress and mass media. At any rate, the Western freedom of speech has once again been translated into a hideous and detestable form of hate crime and blasphemy.

(Courtesy: Tehran Times)

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