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16 October 2012

CMPA institutes James Augustus Hickey Award & T R Mahalingam Award

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IMO News Service

Centre for Media & Public Affairs (CMPA) has instituted an award in the name of James Augustus Hickey, which will be presented to professionally accomplished veterans who have made commendable contributions in media or public life.

James Augustus Hickey
James Augustus Hickey, called the Father of Indian Journalism, founded the first weekly Indian newspaper 'Bengal Gazette' in 1779 at Kolkata. As the fearless champion of journalism in India he left a very rich cultural heritage for Indian journalists. Hickey believed the liberty of the press to be the very existence of a free government. He went to prison rather than abandon that belief. And, he continued to edit the Gazette even while in prison! His Bengal Gazette is still the source of unending inspiration for the dauntless journalists all over the world. No line has better summed up the nature of the media business than the Bengal Gazette’s motto: A Weekly Political and Commercial Paper, Open to all Parties, but influenced by none.

T R Mahalingam
Centre for Media & Public Affairs, in association with T R Mahalingam Art Foundation (TRMAF), has instituted T R Mahalingam Award For Artistic Excellence, which will be presented to outstanding young performers who have made commendable contributions in music and theater arts.

Thenkarai Ramakrishna Mahalingam, fondly called T R Mahalingam, is a blissful singer and a celebrated actor in the glorious history of Tamil film industry. T R Mahalingam, who lived from 1923 to 1978, started his film career at the age of fourteen as an inspirational actor & singer. In memory of the multifaceted Tamil film personality, his grand daughter Prabha Gurumurthy (an official in Indo German Chamber of Commerce at Chennai) established T R Mahalingam Art Foundation.

CMPA has invited valuable suggestions and nominations to make the initiative more useful to the society!

For Details, Contact:

S. Christopher
General Secretary
Centre for Media & Public Affairs
Chennai - 600033
Phone: 09884554656
Website : www.cmpaindia.com

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