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Biography of educationist, reformer Saiyid Hamid to be launched soon, Family members opposed

“I got a perception that Saiyid Hamid is now hostage to his family members, isn’t allowed to speak his mind and has been made quite inaccessible to the general people,” says Mohammad Aleem, Author of Biography on Saiyid Hamid.

By Danish Ahmad Khan

New Delhi: The Indian Muslims have finally decided to pay rich tributes to the renowned educationist, reformer and living legend, 92-year-old Saiyid Hamid.

Delhi-based book publisher Gloriords Publications will soon launch a biography of Saiyid Hamid.

Saiyid Hamid with his Biography. (Photo by Danish Ahmad Khan)
Born in 1920, the 92-year-old educationist Saiyid Hamid, after retiring from a long and distinguished career in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), was appointed Vice Chancellor of his alma mater Aligarh Muslim University. He later succeeded Hakeem Abdul Hameed, Founder of Hamdard Dawakhana (now Hamdard (Wakf) Laboratories) as the Chancellor of Hamdard University in Delhi. He was also appointed by Hakeem sahib as Secretary of Hamdard Education Society to look after Hamdard Public School and Hamdard Study Circle. In 2005, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh appointed him Member of the high-level Sachar Committee, to prepare a report on the social, economic and educational status of the Muslim community of India.

The biography “Saiyid Hamid – A Relentless Reformer” has been authored by Mohammad Aleem, a well-known novelist, dramatist and script writer. He is also a winner of several national level awards, including Sanskriti Award for literature, Urdu Academy Delhi award, Hindi Academy Delhi award and National fellowship award by Ministry of Culture, Government of India. He has many books to his credit, two novels, three full length plays and many short story books for neo-literates.

Talking to Indian Muslim Observer, Mohammad Aleem said that this is the first ever biography being published on an eminent personality and prominent Muslim face of India Saiyid Hamid.

“It was quite a painstaking effort in penning the biography. It took long hours and extended sessions with Saiyid Hamid on numerous occasions at his residence to get his views and explore various facets of his life in his own words,” said author Mohammad Aleem.

When asked why Saiyid Hamid’s family life has not been touched upon in the biography, Mohammad Aleem said, “I used to spend long hours at the residence of Saiyid Hamid, situated in the premises of Hamdard Public School. Saiyid Hamid used to talk at length about his works and life. I tried to talk to his wife and sought her views on Saiyid Hamid on several occasions, but she never spoke to me even once about him and only used to give some kind of excuses whenever I tried to talk to her. Saiyid Hamid has two sons and one daughter. His daughter is married and settled in Mumbai. I couldn’t talk to his daughter as I never met her. Saiyid Hamid’s eldest son Samar Hamid, who presently looks after Hamdard Public School, never showed any enthusiasm and was opposed to writing a biography on his illustrious father from Day 1. Though I managed to talk to Samar Hamid and elicit his views on his father, but after spending much time with him discussing he couldn’t speak much about his father which could be included in the biography. I tried to contact Saiyid Hamid’s younger son several time, but he never spoke to me even once and only used to give excuses for not having enough time to give his views on his father.”

Mohammad Aleem
Mohammad Aleem lamented that Saiyid Hamid’s family members were not enthusiastic over the writing of the biography and were highly non-cooperative. It was as if they wanted their family life to be kept completely secret and only wanted to be written whatever they liked. “I got a perception that Saiyid Hamid is now hostage to his family members, isn’t allowed to speak his mind and has been made quite inaccessible to the general people,” said Mr. Aleem.

“The biography of Saiyid Hamid has touched upon several aspects of his life that are hitherto unknown. The biography would indeed make a great reading as Saiyid Hamid sahib is himself passionately involved in its writing,” said author Mohammad Aleem.

Contact for further details:

Gloriords Publications
Website: http://www.gloriords.com
Email: gloriords@gmail.com
Contact Numbers: +91-9873563311, 9313534677

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  1. Samar Hamid is destroying the fabric of educational structure of Hamdard public school.he does not deserve to be there.he is harmful to the school and institute.

  2. Hamdard sucks under samar hamid teachers doesn't get their dues neither have any consideration of their services.

  3. Isn't Samar Hamid the same chap who was a Agha Hasan Abedi acolyte.He was rumored to be running a Restaurant in London,after the closure of BCCI.How the hell did he end up running a public school?Small wonder he has screwed up big time.

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