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Tree For Harmony: A South Asian Initiative for Peace, Harmony & Environment to be organized Sept 16-21

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New Delhi: “Tree For Harmony”, a South Asian Initiative for Peace, Harmony & Environment, will be organized from September 16-21, 2012, under the auspices of Lucknow-based Mission Bhartiyam (http:// www.missionbharatiyam.org), an NGO dedicated towards social welfare through sustainable development approach and working for Peace & Harmony, Environment, Human Rights & Developmental issues.

“Tree For Harmony” event is being organized from September 16 through September 21 to mark the World Ozone Layer Day (September 16) and World Peace Day (September 21) respectively.

Mission Bhartiyam in a press release stated: “We aim to initiate friendship, brotherhood and peace in the entire South Asia. And for this, we turn to “our evergreen friends” – trees. What can be more symbolic of these values than a tree? A tree grows freely, digs its roots deeply and also gives life to other trees. It is a symbol of stability, growth and prosperity. A tree also grows freely, without any discrimination. And this is the message that we want to send. Like trees, we should do away with barriers of caste, religion, ethnicity and national boundaries. Like trees, we should grow together. So this event has a national as well as international essence to it.”

The press release further stated that Mission Bhartiyam proposes “Tree for Harmony” event to be held in schools across South Asia. In the event, trees labeled as “harmony trees” will be planted by students. Any other event like a march, a seminar, artistic ways like painting, music etc to spread the word of peace, harmony, brotherhood may also follow/ accompany it. In Delhi (India), Tree for Harmony will be concluded with an event of India Art and Architecture group wherein they will paint to communicate the goals of peace and a harmonious and sustainable environment among the general masses on India Gate. In Bangladesh, a seminar and a human chain/rally will be held in Matamuhuri Degree College. The event will start on 16th September which is also the World Ozone day and will conclude on 21st September which is the World Peace Day. Environment is also a common challenge for all South Asian Countries.

This event seeks to address the twin challenges of environment and the need for peace By organizing this event, Mission Bhartiyam plans to develop a “South Asian” consciousness.
“Tree for harmony” will be organized in Pakistan under “Aaghaz-e-Dosti” which is our Indo-Pak initiative and in Nepal under the “Bharat Nepal Paraspar Samvad” which is already in operation.

“We invite you/your organization/school to be a part of this drive. We will acknowledge all such partners/supporters who participated in this drive. Please plant trees named as "harmony trees". Any other related event is optional. You can invite local media/persons in your event. Share your experiences, photographs, newsclips etc with us at our email,” a press release issued by Mission Bhartiyam stated. 

“In India, this event is being organised in J&K (Bilal Sultan, Tahir), Orrisa (Sibaprasad Ji), Madhya Pradesh (Ashok Lodi, Rupesh Pandey) & Uttar Pradesh (Raj Shekhar Chandola, Ashutosh, Praveen) and can be extended to all other states as well,” said Ravi Nitesh, Core Member of Mission Bhartiyam in a press release.

Kindly contact us at the following:

Ravi Nitesh (India) +919958907799, Devika Mittal (India) +919582129927, Prashant Nautiyal (India Art and Architecture) + 919555251427
Zeeshan Malik (Dubai) +971554614652, Aitizaz Pirzada (Pakistan) +00923235095854
Mahedi Hasan (Bangladesh) +008801840508522
Niraj Neupane (Students’ Club of Nepal) 00977-9851071945

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