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Rohail Khan conducts successful “New Talent – Musical Extravaganza” at Jeddah

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Jeddah: Rohail Khan (Talent Promoter, Producer, Director) sponsored “New Talent -Musical Extravaganza’’ held on Thursday, 30th August 2012, at the White Tent Resort, Jeddah. New young talent from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh were successfully launched. 

Over 300+ Pakistani, Indian, Bengali, Saudi, Arab executives and their families enjoyed the five hour multi-cultural entertainment, BBQ dinner, and Grand Raffle.

Chief Guest Tahseem Haqqi, Vice Consul (Welfare) Consulate of Pakistan, warmly appreciated Rohail Khan’s efforts to promote inter-community harmony and launch of cross-cultural new talent. 

Rohail introduced his team, organizers, co-sponsors and thanked the lively audience for their participation. 

Launching the event’s first phase, Rohail introduced Urdu Linguist Aseem Hanif who elaborated on the “Urdu Lughat Dictionary” authored by him after 10 years’ tedious research. Rohail reiterated his firm commitment to launch the Urdu Dictionary across the continents. Urdu being the second largest source for Islamic books, we need practical efforts to sustain and support this fascinating and enriching language. 

Rohail Khan formally announced the launch of “Drive Safe”, a “social welfare project” being incorporated by him to increase “driving awareness and precautions” among the general public. Rising traffic accidents and loss of valuable lives is too serious to be ignored. 300+ gracious guests of the event were asked to pray collectively for the four youngsters who lost their lives recently in a tragic car accident during Eid holidays. Rohail solicited formal support from Automobile Dealers and Car Rental companies to co-sponsor his project and hoped “Drive Safe” will achieve its goals to protect and save valuable lives.

In the second phase, Rohail explained the “Event’s Theme” to pay tribute to Musical legends of India and Pakistan i.e: Mohammed Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Uddat Narayan, Mehdi Hasan, Nur Jahan, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. 

New and accomplished artists thrilled the 300+ audience for five hours by performing 40 songs and geets originally rendered by the top legends. 

Rohail conducted the entire ceremony and amused the audience with Urdu poetry, philosophical quotes, and humour. 

Launch of New Talent: Rohail introduced and launched “new talent” hailing from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, categorised as follows:

1) Sensational Talent - Female: Miss Sara Babul (Bangladesh)
2) Sensational Talent - Male: Mr. Ahmed Khan (Pakistan)
3) Semi Classical Hope - Male: Mr. Fareed Ali Khan (India)
4) Semi Classical Hope - Female: Mrs. Raeesa Aamir (Pakistan)
5) Established Artists: Nadim Goshi, Zakaullah Chishti, Azhar Butt.

Sara Babul and Ahmed Khan rocked the audience with their sensational performances. Both youngsters proved their esoteric knowledge of music and temperament for high profile concerts. 

The audience warmly acknowledged the two God-gifted artists. Rohail proudly committed to support Sara and Ahmed in future to enable them realise their true potential.

VIP Corporate Guests included Fayyaz Mirza (EVP, Naghi Group), Fuzail Ahmed (CEO, Best Foods), Hanif Sattar (CFO, Fuchs Petroleum), Ahmed Farooqui (Chairman, Farooqui Media Group), Iqbal Ansari (CEO, Mashriq Group), Nadim Rizwi (Regional Manager, Hanco), Ayman Azeem (Marketing Manager, Pepsi), Mohammad Ali (DGM, Refco Group), Iftikhar Ahmed (GM, North View Construction), Haider Khan (CFO, Saudi Steel), Zaeem Qureshi (GM, Eriterian Airlines), Hamid Khan (Urdu Markaz), and Nicolas Copp (Financial Advisor).

VIP Jeddah Socialites included: Sameera Aziz, Amir Mohamed Khan, Hasan Arabi, S.M. Arshad, Mujeeb Hasan, Qasim Naqvi, Waseem Mukaddam, Waris Ahmed, Tamkeen Ali.
Notable Music Artists included: Mahir Siddiqi, Imtiaz Sharif, Afroze Khan, Amjad Baig, Imran Sehar, Altaf Almelkar, Jawad Siddiqi, Danish Salim.

Grand Raffle: To appreciate the audience for their proactive participation, Rohail organized lucky draws and distributed expensive gifts i.e: Sony 40” LCD Television, HP Laptop Computer, Galaxy 2 Tab, Sony Music System, Sony HD Digital camera, Two Espirit watches.

Best couple and early birds prize: Rohail Khan (devoted to punctuality and discipline) awarded the early birds prize to Mr and Mrs Saeed Hashmi for coming to the event in time.

Audience Singing Competition: Rohail announced his readiness to promote new talent and requested prospective artists to contact him for fair consideration. In the audience on-stage song competition, trophies were given to Mohamed Khan and Miss Maha to encourage their enthusiasm for music and culture.

Special Gift: As a goodwill gesture, traditional Ajrak shawls were offered to Chief Guest  Tahseem Haqqi and Aseem Hanif.

Artists’ Acknowledgement: Rohail proffered shawls to all artists to appreciate their hard work and team spirit. 

Organizers and Co-Sponsors: The event was organized by Infinite Solutions (Imran Qureshi). Rohail Khan was the "Main Sponsor". Other co-sponsors were: Hanco, Pepsi, PIA, Northview, Refco.

Technical Support: Yahya Ashfaq, Rehan Waheed, Heera Panna Music Band, Lulu Sound Associates.

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