Published On:16 September 2012
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K. Rahman Khan opens Capacity Building Workshop on ‘Budget Analysis and Advocacy’

By Pervez Bari

New Delhi: K. Rahman Khan, Member of Parliament and former Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha, inaugurated a two-day Capacity Building Workshop on “Budget Analysis and Advocacy” here at the India Islamic Culture Centre (IICC) on Friday (September 14).

The delegates, mostly NGOs, from all over the country are participating in the workshop. The basic objectives of the workshop are to enable the participants: i) Understand the policies and budgets meant for minorities/Muslims; ii) Prepare an advocacy agenda for improving the implementation process in the Minority related programmes; iii) Know the processes of budgeting by the Union and State Governments and iv) Assess the budget from the perspective of disadvantage sections. The workshop has been organised under the aegis of Centre for Budget and Governance Accountability, (CBGA).

K. Rahman Khan in his inaugural address called upon the NGOs participating in the workshop to create a social awareness in the masses and make a targeted approach in getting government schemes implemented for the welfare of minorities. He urged the NGOs to be critical but have a positive approach towards government schemes then the beneficiaries would also be positive towards plans and schemes meant for them.

Mr. Khan said the job of the NGOs is to alert the authorities to deliver the goods and if they don’t they (NGO) should deliver by taking to task the officials using the revolutionary legislation of RTI Act. He asked the NGOs to be vigilant then they can know which minorities have become beneficiaries of the government schemes meant for them.

He conceded that the government machinery in the last 60 years has totally failed to deliver to the poor masses the schemes meant for their uplift and progress. However, he cautioned that NGOs credibility should not be of doubtful nature as it is a big question which the people face. The NGOs should change the system of delivery thereby playing a role of a watchdog, he added.

Subrat Das, Executive Director CBGA, made Power Point presentations on “Plan Strategies for Development of disadvantaged sections of population” and on “Need for Budget Advocacy” in the morning session.

In the afternoon session Ms Kanika Kaul, Programme Officer in CBGA, and Jawed Alam Khan, Senior Research Officer working with CBGA, jointly made a presentation on “Influencing Budget Priorities - An understanding of Institutions and Processes of Budgeting” wherein they explained how the Union Government’s Budget and the State Budget affect issues at the local level and which institutions play a major role in these.

Later on in the evening session Mr. Jawed made a Power Point presentation on “Understanding Policies and Budgets for Minorities” explaining the policy initiatives, scheme design and budgetary allocation for minorities.

Meanwhile, at the outset in the introduction session Subrat Das and Hyderabad-based social worker Aariz Mohammad welcomed the delegates and sought their introductions. Khwaja Mobeen-ur-Rehman, a Programme Associate with CBGA, presented a bouquet to K. Rahman Khan on his arrival.

It may be pointed out here that CBGA promotes transparent, accountable and participatory governance, and a people-centred perspective in the policies shaping up government’s budgets. It is engaged in research on public policies and budgets focus on the priorities underlying budgets, quality of government interventions in the social sector, responsiveness of budgets to disadvantaged sections of population and structural issues in India’s fiscal federalism. The CBGA’s efforts also include building the capacities of various stakeholders on budgets and policy advocacy. 

[Pervez Bari is a senior Journalist based at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. He is associated with IndianMuslimObserver.com as Bureau Chief (Madhya Pradesh). He can be contacted at pervezbari@eth.net]

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