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Islamic thinker, writer and social scientist Dr Javed Jamil delivers a series of inspiring lectures on variety of subjects in Kashmir

By Suhail Kar
Renowned Islamic thinker, writer and social scientist, Dr Javed Jamil, Executive Chairman of International Centre for Applied Islamics, has called for a “total all-out ideological onslaught against the modern ideologies representing New World Order”. He was invited by Idarah Falahu Darain, Baramulla to deliver a series of lectures on a variety of subjects. Speaking at Degree College Sopore on the topic, “Challenges for Muslim scholars in the current world scenario”, organised on 1st of September, he stressed the need to understand the designs of the economic and political forces that rule the world. He argued that the forces of globalisation are bent upon exploiting human weaknesses for commercial gains. He stressed that Muslim intellectuals need to challenge all the current policies, programmes, definitions, concepts and ideologies that seek to destroy human values, family system and social peace. He explained that “while the modern ideologies only stressed on a two-dimensional system of Fundamental rights and duties, with greater emphasis on rights, Islam gives a three-dimensional system comprising Fundamental Rights, Duties and Prohibitions”. He called upon Muslim scholars “to campaign for implementation of “Fundamental Prohibitions”, which should be incorporated in the constitution of all the countries.”
On the same day he delivered a hard-hitting lecture on “Despite Shortcomings, Muslims Most Civilised” at auditorium Baramulla Public School, Baramulla, which was attended by a large number of intellectuals. He explained that “all the current parameters and indices promoted by international institutions are nothing but an attempt to paint Western civilisation in attractive colours”. The international media is portraying Muslims as uncivilised, violent and retrogressive, something which is far from the truth. He said that “violence of all kinds is rampant in the Western world and Muslim countries are far behind in terms of murderous assaults, rapes, and other crimes.” He told that for the overwhelming majority of more than 160 million deaths in wars and civil wars in the last century, the 5 big powers are responsible and still they preach the lessons of peace to the world. He said that “the family system in West has totally disintegrated with 30-50 pc births outside wedlock, very high rate of teenage pregnancies, extremely high promiscuity level and high divorce rates.” He produced international statistics to show that even in terms of per capita income, life expectancy and literacy rates, Muslim countries are competing fast. He argued that “if life expectancy is calculated from the time of conception rather than that of birth, the life expectancy in Western countries can be shown to be far less than most Arab and other Muslim countries.” But at the same time he stressed that there are a number of fields in which Muslims have to improve, which include technical education, religious, political and economic integration of the Muslim world.
Speaking to a gathering of the members of Falahu Darain (male and female) on the subject of “Islamic Perspective of Health”at Masjid Shareef Ganie Hamam, he argued that “as opposed to the current international health policy, which gives supremacy of health, Islam gives supremacy to the well-being and health of human beings.” He argued that in the current international scheme of things it is the individual who has to look after his health, while the system promotes all those practices that severely destroy health. Islam, on the other hand, “makes family and socially systems health-protective and makes it binding on the authorities to ban all practices that have a damaging effect on health”. He questioned the legitimacy of World Health Organisation in doing nothing against promiscuity, prostitution, alcohol, gambling and smoking, which together lead to at least 70 million deaths worldwide including 50 million abortions owing to the so-called Sexual Revolution. He also described his own research work on Wudu and Salat describing how the sequence of the washing of different organs in Wudu corresponds to the order of organs on the postcentral gyrus in human brain.
In another lecture on the same day, he exhorted teachers to campaign for changes in the current educational system, which is “primarily aimed at producing employees for the corporates and developing consumerism in the younger generation.” He argued that the “current educational system has been relocated on the wall street” and there is no attempt to inculcate abhorrence for practices that destroy human character and family and social equanimity. He lambasted the “Sexual Education” material and said that instead of warning young boys and girls against out of marriage relationships, it is teaching them safe sex.
On the third day of his tour, he addressed students of Women’s College Baramulla on the subject of “Modern feminism and challenges for Islamic women”. He told that the forces of economic fundamentalism have been busy in using every human weakness for their growth. Sex being the greatest weakness of human beings, “they have found in sex a hen that continuously lays golden eggs”. He said that in order to attract women to all types of industries, including fashion, modelling, films, catering and sexual services, they thought that it was necessary to shatter the family system. They banned marriages before a certain age but sex was permitted. They banned polygamy but promiscuity was considered a sign of liberation. They promoted nudity.
Dr Jamil said that “while women have been the victims of suppression throughout the history, the level of exploitation has never been as high as in today’s world.” Women become pregnant in their teenage, they have to abort in big numbers, they are being turned into prostitutes and pornographic actresses and their security is compromised with unimaginable rates of rapes. Still they claim to be the champions of women. He explained how Islam saves womankind from insecurity and exploitation and gives them the right place on family and society. He suggested that a debate should be conducted how women of 20-40 age group can pursue their career without adversely affecting their families.
In another lecture on the same day at Govt. Degree College (boys) Baramulla on “Economic Fundamentalism and its impact”, he traced the whole history of the development of economic fundamentalism in the wake of Industrial Revolution. He told that “the forces of economic fundamentalism campaigned against religion because they found God and godliness as the biggest impediments in their plans of large scale commercialisation of human weaknesses.” He said that the forces of economics “sacrificed law before the eyes of the statue of liberty, re-tailored social attire, industrialised sex, turned sciences into their mistresses and colonised the globe”. He gave statistics to show that due to the impact of the ideology of freedom of choice, more than 70 million human beings lose lives every year. He explained how “banks and stock exchanges have become vehicles of the transfer of money from the less-moneyed to the more-moneyed.” The corporates have become the virtual rulers and “democracy has in effect transformed into corpratocracy”. He exhorted the followers of Islam to recognise the true face of new world order and Westernism and wage an intellectual war against these. “Islam provides the adequate ammunition to turn the tables on the enemies of humanity.” He lambasted Westernism for making casinos, bars and beaches as the symbols of civilisation. He said that owing to the policies of the corporates, huge economic disparity is threatening the world. In India alone, even if just 20 pc of the wealth of 1000 richest families is distributed in the rest of the country, every single family would become a lakhpati.
The final lecture was entitled, “Quran and Science” at Girls Hr. Sec. School, Baramulla. Dr Jamil argued that sciences have to be studied in the light of Islam and not the vice versa. He said that while practical sciences are genuine, scientific philosophies related to the creation and functioning of the universe and creation of man have all been tailor made to suit the designs of the forces of New Word Order, which is founded on negation of God and religion. He explained that sciences are still in a nascent stage of development, while Qur’an is the creation of God who knows all the truth. This is why, he argued, that Islamic system of Halal and Haram is based on the effect of practices on health.
He was also supposed to address a gathering of academicians at Kashmir University, Sri Nagar but the programme was postponed due to a bandh call in the valley related to some political issue.
The lectures by Dr Javed Jamil attracted big audiences and generated unprecedented enthusiasm among the listeners. It has been widely felt that he left behind a new trend of thinking, which has enthused the intellectuals and young professionals. His lectures were different because not only his ideas were innovative, but also because he spoke more on Applied Islam rather than on theological and political issues.
His call for giving up apologetic and defensive attitude was appreciated by one and all.
[Suhail Kar can be contacted at suhailkar123@gmail.com]

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