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HWF distributes school bags to poor and needy students of North Indian states

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New Delhi: Human Welfare Foundation, a national NGO, has been established for the upliftment of downtrodden sections of the society. HWF found that the root cause of the backwardness in some of the northern and north-eastern parts of the country is lack of education. They are afflicted with poverty, unemployment and lack basic amenities of life. They have been to be educationally, economically and socially backward. HWF surveyed and found that their condition can only be improved and uplifted by education.

For stopping dropout rates in these states, it has launched School Bag Scheme to encourage the poor and destitute children who have discontinued their education due to financial problem.
Under school bag scheme, HWF gives financial support of Rs. 500 to each student by which they can buy their dress, course books, and stationary items or can give their school fees. HWF also arranges syllabus books and gives in bags to children to encourage them for getting education and lower their financial problem.

HWF believes that by providing financial assistance to poor and destitute children and making them able to continue their education can only increase literacy ratio and the poor people can gain a place in society and live with respect and harmony. HWF has been distributing school bag to different states of India since long time.

This year also HWF has arranged the amount from its sponsors, public donors and philanthropist and distributed 4800 school bag kits to children and spent an amount of 24 Lacs which was collected from its well wishers for this noble cause.

HWF has distributed the following no. of school bag kits in respective state of India:

1. Assam, North – 400
2. Assam, South – 400
3. Bihar – 400
4. West Bengal – 400
5. Rajasthan – 200
6. M.P. – 400
7. U.P. East – 300
8. U.P. West – 200
9. Gujarat – 200
10. Jharkhand – 200
11. Delhi – 200

Every year, HWF distributes school bag kits to poor and destitute children in last week of April or first week of May.

Appeal: The generous people, public donors, philanthropists and organization can freely take part in this noble venture and support with their fullest to eradicate poverty and illiteracy among poor and destitute children.

Hopefully, by this way only the poor and marginalized sections of the society can be uplifted educationally, socially and economically and will be able to live with peace, harmony and self-respect. The donors can contribute for this project and send their contribution to us by month March every year. Please contact:

Md. Salimullah Khan
National Co-ordinator
Mobile No. 9818409191
Phone No. 011-40540505
Email:salimullah@vision2016.org.in, ksalimullah@gmail.com
Website: www.vision2016.org.in

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