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Grand Urdu Mushaira organized in Jeddah, Indian and Pakistani Urdu lovers attend

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Jeddah: Indian Pakistani Urdu lovers and VIPs were fortunate to enjoy a “Grand Urdu Mushaira” on 11th Sept 2012 at the Odis Al-Attas Hotel, Jeddah.

This landmark event was organized by renowned poet & social worker Aleem Khan Falki and Dr. Sayeed Haroon. Co-sponsors were literary societies: Khak e Taiba Trust, Urdu Gulban, Bazm e Shagufa, Bazm e Ittihad, Jeddah Indians, Urdu Academy.

Organizing committee and sponsors graciously invited Rohail Khan as Chief Guest of the Mushaira.

Rohail Khan congratulated the poets, organizers, sponsors for another “Yaadgaar Mushaira” in Jeddah. 

Everyone acknowledged Honourable CGI and his team for arranging the poets’ visit to Saudi Arabia. According to Rohail, such noble gestures and vibrant literary events are necessary to sustain socially-alive expatriate communities. 

Presided by internationally-acclaimed poet Aslam Farshori, the Grand Urdu Mushaira was warmly enriched by “hum asars”: Nawaz Deobandi, Mehshar Afridi, Masroor Abedi, Sardar Asar, Naeem Bazaidpuri and Nasir Barni. Poet Mehtab Qadr proactively participated as Mushaira’s Nazim. 

Mushaira Snapshot – Selected Poetry:

Mehtab Qadr, Esq.

Shairee main hunar zaruri hai,
Jaisay shaano pe sir zaruri hai,
Door rehne ki kisko khwahish hai,
Door rehna magar zaruri hai.

Aleem Khan Falki, Esq.

Kahaan dosti main kami hamnay kee hai,
Kahaan haath hamnay jalaaya nahi hai,
Kayee sir milay phore denay kay qaabil,
Magar hamnay patthar uthaya nahi hay.

Nasir Barni, Esq.

Mashriq ho kay maghrib ho arab ho kay ajam ho,
Tareekh kay auraaq raqam kertay rahengay,
Ehsaan nahee hai yeh fareeza hai hamara,
Hum pervarish e loh o qalam kertay rahengay.

Sardar Asar, Esq.

Unkay daaman ko jug maga dounga,
Jitnay taaray hain tor ko laa dounga,
Thori Urdu uthaa ko rakhoun main,
Nahi tau kal ki nasal ko kya dounga.

Masroor Abedi, Esq.

Milan saari kay perday main riyah kaari nahi kerna,
Jo dil ko thess pohnchaaye wo dil daari nahi kerna.

Mehshar Afridi, Esq.

Miaan woh din gayey ab yeh himaaqat koun kerta hai,
Wo kya kehtay hain usko haan Mohabbat koun kerta hai.

Naeem Bazaidpuri, Esq.

Tum jisay itna qareeb e rag e jaan likhtay ho,
Naam likhtay ho na kuch uska nishaan likhtay ho,
Saaf likhnay main tumhein itna ta’mmul kyun hai,
Aag lagtee hai magar usko dhuaan likhtay ho !!

Dr. Nawaz Deobandi, Esq.

Kuch is tarah say usay pyar kerna perta hai,
Kay uskay pyar say inkaar kerna perta hai,
Jo chaahta hai mujhe usko chaahne kay liye,
Khud apne aapse bhee pyar kerna pertha hai.

Aslam Farshori, Esq.

Meri jaanib bhee koee sang e malaamat aaye,
Main bhi is sheher main sheeshe ka badan rakhta houn,
Yeh khataa hee mujhe masloob karay gee Aslam,
Sheher e khaamosh main awaaz ka fun rakhta houn.

The 200+ audience thoroughly enjoyed all poets and their recitations. Snacks with hot tea for everyone added new flavour to the Mehfil e Mushaira.

In the last session, a unique bond developed between the poets who fervently came on stage and entertained the audience with “humorous poetry, satire, philosophic insights”.
Indeed, this Mushaira will be remembered for long !.

Closing the event, Rohail Khan applauded all poets for four hours of “poetic deliberations and literary enlightenment”.

On behalf of Jeddah’s expatriates and Mushaira organizers, Rohail arranged Ajrak shawls and dates for the respectable poets as a token of gratitude.

The Grand Urdu Mushaira was well-attended by literary figures, dignitaries, socialites, and representatives from all walks of life notably: Sharif Aslam, Shameem Kausar, Jamal Quadri, Seth Lukman, Dr. Syed Ali, Siadat Ali Khan, Afzal Siddiqui, Aseem Hanif, Abbas Khan, Abdul Rahman, Hamid Islam Khan, Mubassir Azam, Nasir Khurshid, Ameen Ansari, S.M. Arshad, Hasan Alam, Zaeem Qureshi, Naeem Waziri, Riyaz Qazi, Wahid Qidwai, Mohammad Nadim, Wasim Mukadam, Mir Arif Ali, Imtiaz Ali, Syed Atharuddin, Abdul Rafay, Altaf Almelkar, Qudrat Baig, Shoukath Khan, Ms Seher Shafiq, Ms Hana Turki, and Mrs Amrina Qaiser.

Rohail Khan, diehard Urdu ka Shedayee, reiterated his mission and humbly reminded everyone: “Let's serve Urdu. Let's promote those who promote Urdu.”

Urdu – A Great Language

Phooloun kee mehak bankay bikhar jaaye gee Urdu,
Yeh wehem hai aey dost kay merr jaaye gee Urdu.

After Arabic, the largest source of Islamic literature is “Urdu”. Indeed, we must promote and nurture this fascinating language. Urdu is spoken by “100+ million people”, pre-dominantly in India and Pakistan. Significant Urdu speaking communities exist in the Sub-continent, North America, Middle East, and Far East. Urdu is the “national language of Pakistan”. It is widely spoken across India, where it is one of the 22 scheduled languages and official language of five states. The Indian film industry is dominated by Urdu as prime language since 75 years. Urdu is the language of love, peace, poetry, and communal harmony. Over 5,500 Urdu literary societies and associations are serving this great language all over five continents. Based on the Khariboli dialect of Dehli, Urdu developed under the rich influence of Persian, Arabic, and Turkish languages over 900 years. It began to take shape in what is now Uttar Pardesh, India, during the Dehli Sultanate (1206-1527 AD), and continued to develop and flourish under The Great Mughal Empire (1526-1858 AD). Urdu is mutually intelligible with Hindi. Both languages share the same base and are similar in phonology and grammar. The combined population of Urdu, with Hindi speakers, graciously stands out as “4th largest in the world”.

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