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An Open Letter to Maya Kodanani

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Dear Maya Kodnani,

You are a woman and a practicing gynaecologist. How could you participate in butchering innocent and helpless women and children? You never felt the pain of the people who were screaming for mercy, who were begging for their lives, who were ripped apart in cold blood, who had images of their dear ones in eyes when they were being slaugtered? Did you ever sleep in peace after that night? Did you celebrate any birthday ceremonies of your own after that?

Could you ever smile after that butchery? Do you still enjoy red colour? Could you look at a meat shop without the religious repugnance, if any? Did you touch a baby with love ever after? Did you look at your own image in your own mind in the early hours of morning without a chill running down your spine?

Dear Maya Kodnani, are you a mother, a sister, a grandmother, perhaps? Are you human? Were you ever human? Dear Maya Kodnani, have you ever thought whether it is ok to kill another human being just because someone directed you to wreak vengeance on a particular community? Have you ever wondered whether it is acceptable to kill another just because he or she is not like you? Did it ever occur to you that slaughtering fellow human beings is a gruesome crime, even if it is committed under State patronage? Did it ever occur to you that those who patronised you might one day betray and sacrifice you for political expediency?

We can feel your pain and distress. We sincerely hope and pray to God that you get the time and opportunity to find honest and truthful answers to some of these questions during this lifetime.

God bless!

Fellow Citizens of Secular India

[Sayema Sahar is a Journalist and social activist. She can be contacted at]
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