Published On:12 August 2012
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SULTAN vs DRACULA: New Book Release marks Bram Stoker’s Centenary

One hundred years after Bram Stoker’s death, (April, 1912), a new Dracula novel has been released mixing fact with fiction

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Book Title: Sultan vs. Dracula
Publisher: Al-Oblong Books
Website: www.sultanvsdracula.com
Author: Razwan Ul-Haq
Author’s Website: www.ulhaq.com
twitter @Islamic_Artist
Author contact telephone: 07773963502 (+44)

On the streets of Bradford, Muslim teenagers between 14-19, selected at random, were given three book choices. Two best-selling books (popular with their peers throughout Britain) and a relatively unknown third offering. A staggering 90 percent ditched the mainstream to go for a new Dracula story.

In an age where Count Dracula can be seen as sexy to teenagers, a Muslim fantasy author presents Count Dracula as the historic Count Vlad Dracula who impaled and slew Muslim Turks. The story, though a fictional fantasy, is written from a traditional Muslim perspective and holds back no punch with its heavily critical stance of the modern world. The author insists this should not be a worry, but a celebration of creative British talent.

There is no Van Helsing, but there is the Sultan, modelled on the actual Ottoman Sultan Mehmed Khan II. And with Harem women, Sufi mystics and beautiful Arabic illustrations, there is a lot to discover in one single paperback.

It’s not just a story. It has been crafted to present a worldview. A Muslim worldview in an age where there is scant literature to readers that reflects an Islamic masculine leitmotif.
Sultan vs Dracula should help to get inside the mind of a traditional Muslim. How do religious Muslims think? Are Muslims really that alternative? Intelligent readers are quick to spot apologetics. Readers don’t want watered down verbiage; they want to hear what ‘the Muslim with an issue’ really believes.

The book will surprise readers no matter what they’ve seen the night before.

Who on earth is the author meddling with the Bram Stoker heritage? Not surprisingly he’s British, but he is also tall, dark and gifted with sensuous eyes. An ex-Headteacher, currently living in Bradford, very sick and tired of the same old “Muslim interest” story, with the predictable multicultural characters: in other words if it’s not arranged marriages it’s deranged terrorism. The book is a mirror to the mind of the devout Muslim, written without any editorial censorship, and as such, it may rank as one the more challenging popular pieces of writing to come out of 2012 Britain.

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