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08 August 2012

HWF distributes 20,000 Iftar Kit to poor families

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IMO News Service

New Delhi: Human Welfare Foundation (HWF) has distributed 20,000 (Twenty Thosuand) Iftar Kit to poor families. HWF has been distributing Iftar Kit, organizing Iftar Programme and Eid Kit to labourers and rickshaw pullers for past some years.

Now, the Iftar Kit has been distributed covering northern and north-eastern states of India like Bihar, West Bengal, Chattisgarh, Rajasthan, Assam, U.P. Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat including Karnataka, Tamil Nadu Delhi & Haryana. Besides, HWF has also organized Iftar programme in which about 500 people participate. HWF will organize Iftar Programme for rickshaw pullers and labourers residing in Okhla area. In this programme they will be given Eid dress for offering Eid Namaz.

Last year too, HWF had organized such Eid Kit distribution programme and Iftar programme for rickshaw pullers and labouers. Besides, they were also encouraged to save their hard-earned money in bank and utilize whenever they feel necessary. On this auspicious occasion, Indian Bank has played a great role and opened the account of some rickshaw pullers. While on questioning, some of the rickshaw pullers showed happiness over such initiatives of HWF for opening of their bank account. They said that it is quite tough for us to open the bank account but by making easy criteria for opening bank account for us we are able to get such facility.

The Ramazan special programme co-ordinator Md. Arif said that till now 15000 Iftar Kit has been distributed in many states of India and the Iftar Kit will be distributed till 20th of Ramazan.

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