Published On:06 August 2012
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Capturing the Spirit of Ramadan through International Photography Competition

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The 2012 "Capture the Spirit of Ramadan" International Photography Competition is being organized by the International Ramadan Photography Competition, a non-profit, non-partisan social responsibility initiative, showcasing the skills and imagination of talented photographers from around the world as they share their techniques and personal anecdotes about cultural and religious traditions during Ramadan.

It is in this spirit that photographers are invited to share their best photography in a unique and unprecedented 30-day visual celebration that will educate and enlighten thousands of viewers around the world.

Founded by StudioBasel for Creative Solutions Founder and Chief Creative Director, Basel Almisshal, it serves as a platform for talented photographers to share their creativity with the world while delivering a cross-cultural and inter-faith message that captures the spirit of Ramadan through their own lenses.

In its first year the Capture the Spirit of Ramadan International Photography Competition attracted 25,000 fans and over 600 unique photos from 40 countries! This success was celebrated with the publishing of the first photography book solely dedicated to Ramadan around the world.

For further details contact, Lina Ali at Lina@studiobasel.com. Website: www.capturethespiritoframadan.org

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  1. Great initiative, thank you for sharing Sir.

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