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10 July 2012

Law Board to seek marriage registrar status for Qazis

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By Isha Jain

Lucknow: All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) will demand the status of government marriage registrars for Qazis (who solemnize nikah for Muslims) in their executive committee (EC) meeting scheduled on July 15. The demand has gained momentum after the Supreme Court passed a verdict for compulsory registration of all marriages.

As per the board members, compulsory registration with government is an encroachment upon the Islamic Shariah. AIMPLB spokesperson, SQR Ilyas said, We have no reservation about marriage registration. In fact, these are done among Muslims since ages. There is a complete record available with the Qazis in different districts who solemnise nikah." He is also the convener of the board's internal committee that monitors the issue of compulsory marriage registration.

Illyas opined that compulsory registration of marriages with the government will cause trouble to poor Muslims. He said, Compulsory registration will create confusion and social problems for marriages which have taken place in the past. Hence, the only solution is to give status of marriage registrar to the Qazis.''

The 51-member EC will also consider various decisions given by different courts across the country in light of the Muslim Women Maintenance Act. "Many decisions are not in sync with the Islamic Shariah. A committee has been formed to review these decisions,'' said Ilyas.

One of the issues that will be discussed is 'fixing the responsibility of maintenance on the husband even after the mandatory period of iddat (three months)'. Islamic law fixes no responsibility on the man after the three months period as the female can re-marry. Ilyas said, There have been instances where the court has asked the man to pay maintenance. We will discuss it.''

(Courtesy: The Times of India)

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