Published On:18 July 2012
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Digital Empowerment Foundation to organize mBillionth South Asia Award 2012 distribution in New Delhi

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If one is not empowered, it is difficult to make oneself heard. Conversely, in Jharkhand’s villages, Graam Vaani’s innovation has sparked tremendous enthusiasm. For villagers, a mobile ring is now synonymous to rural change. The ‘Jharkhand Mobile News’ is a platform for people at the very grassroots to speak up on what they think is wrong, and how that wrong can be corrected. 

Similarly, revolutionary mobile phone application ‘Nano Ganesh’ allows farmers to use mobile phones to remotely monitor and switch on/off irrigation pumps used to water crops. 

And, EWS (Eection Watch System) ensures a dash of technology, using the mobile phone or computer, gives voters access to exactly what their local candidate is all about. It's a toll-free helpline and an SMS system, and people are using it to make informed voting choices.

Like Jharkhand Mobile News, Nano Ganesh and EWS, there are many other innovations using the mobile device to empower society at large. All will be on display at the mBillionth Award Ceremony 2012 on 21st July at Hotel EROS Nehru Place, New Delhi.

In the ceremony, the Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) supported by Vodafone will recognize and reward the most innovative practices, the 4 best innovators of South Asia, with incentives of Rs 4 million. Awards will be given to 56 innovators in all. 

During the ceremony, innovators and participants will also discuss ways in which policy and institutional space can expand, to accommodate their urge to break the status quo.
The prestigious, annual mBillionth award for mobile innovators recognizes people across South Asia who show exceptional courage and leadership in minimizing the digital divide and advocating empowerment, often at great personal risk.

DEF's mission is to make India a global leader in sustainable technologies by supporting the genius of grassroots technological innovators and converting innovations into viable enterprises. With 250 entries from 8 countries this year, DEF has gathered about 800 innovations in the last 3 years. 

Following the ceremony, DEF will engage various NGOs with their counterparts through various leadership programs and workshops. The mBillionth Award Ceremony will stream live at www.mbillionth.in.

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