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Best mobile innovators presented mBillionth South Asia Award 2012

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New Delhi: During a glitzy and glamorous mBilionth South Asia award ceremony, a revolutionary mobile phone app ‘Nano Ganesh’, Jharkhand Mobile News and EWS (Eection Watch System) were crowned as best mobile innovators on Saturday 21st July.

There were 26 other outstanding innovators, including the above mentioned, who have already sparked tremendous enthusiasm in their society, were also among them to celebrate last night, after winning the award at Hotel Eros in Nehru Place. A packed delegation of VIPs, telecom officials and innovators travelled from more than 15 countries of South Asia to attend the prestigious award ceremony. 

Osama Manzar, Founder, Digital Empowerment Foundation
This year, the award recognized excellence in a number of categories, where winning creations underwent a strict process by the committee of seventeenth Grand Jury from various fields, and a total of 29 best innovations from 10 categories were selected for the mBillionth awards.

In the 3rd mBillionth South Asia Award 2012 this year, the vast majority of entries utilized the several types (from basic to Smartphones) of mobile phones with many showing multiple methodologies spreading to GPS, IVR or Social media. Increased game feel, two-way integration and convenience etc. showed further advances with general rise in quality of creations entered. On the other hand, the committee of jury also noted that, with the strengthening demand for technology and novelty, there is also a need for a return to the basics of marketing to link more effectively and make the product more sustainable by suitable target setting.

“We are honored to have our work recognized as being among the best in the region, one of the winner Manish Maheshwari from txtWeb asserted.” txtWeb is a open platform enables developers and businesses put their content and services on txtWeb and make it accessible to billions of mobile phone users.

However, the mBillionth organisor & founder of Digital Empowerment Founation, Osama Manzar sees a huge potential in mobile. “Mobile has the potential to be even bigger than the internet and the umpteen mobile innovators have already proved it, he added.” Further he also said, “Through mBillionth we identify the best practices and bring them to one platform where they can be recognized as the best innovations in 10 categories.”

In the 3rd mBillionth ceremony, the Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) supported by Vodafone recognized and rewarded the most innovative practices, the 4 best innovators of South Asia, with incentives of Rs 4 million. Awards were given to 56 innovators in all. During the ceremony in parallel sessions, the innovators and participants also discussed the ways in which policy and institutional space can expand, to accommodate their urge to break the status quo.

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