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AMU takes anti-ragging measures

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IMO News Service
Aligarh: The Aligarh Muslim University has declared ragging in any form as an act of indiscipline and misconduct and the students indulging in such act shall be punished as per rules prescribed in the AMU Students' Conduct and Discipline Rules, 1985, which may include suspension or even expulsion of the student from the rolls of the University.

The University Proctor, Dr. Khursheed Ahmad said that the The University Grants Commission (UGC), on the directives of the Supreme Court, framed guidelines with regard to combating the menace of ragging in the Universities/Educational institutions, according to which ragging besides being a reprehensible act, has been declared a punishable offence. The UGC made it mandatory for all the students and their parents to submit an anti-ragging affidavit at the time of admission to this effect. He said that the proforma affidavit could be downloaded from the web site of UGC or other related websites.

Dr. Khan said the University is reopening on August 1, 2012 after vacations. He urged all the departments and residential halls to display anti-ragging notices and make the students aware of the consequences through preventive measures such as by forming "Anti-Ragging Committees" with the involvement of teachers and senior students. The members of the Committee should be extra vigilant to keep watch on the students in their respective areas, added Dr. Khan.
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