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SPECIAL REPORT: AMU's JNMC - Time for bitter remedy

By Ahmad Subzwar 

My last thread R..I.P. JNMC (posted on AMU Network yahoogroups forum) which I started in response to an unfortunate incident which happened on 2/6/12 when immediately after operating a person (Retd Faculty member) for removal of blood clot from brain, JNMC doctors asked the relatives to shift the patient to other hospital in the dead of night, due to unavailability of ventilator. This thread evoked extreme reactions and some people have asked me to spell out the solutions. Lot of negative things about JNMC are Viral on Facebook.

In my opinion the situation is retrievable , provided strict steps are taken.

Present JNMC Status 

There is rampant corruption, patients are forced to stay in filthy conditions even in special wards Inbreeding of doctors and mosquitoes is the norm. 99% of doctors are inbred.

Doctors have an unholy nexus with private hospitals, private labs and chemists, and are openly indulging in private practice despite availing NPA.

As Prof Mahdi Hasan has correctly pointed out that in the year 1978 only THREE serving doctors were indulging in private practice, but today hardly 3 doctors are NOT INDULGING in private practice.Senior doctors do not attend OPD'S, instead they spend the time in local private hospital.

Operations are being delayed because of absence of Anaesthetists who are busy attending to patients in private hospitals. Pathological labs are non functional.

Even para medics are doing private practice. The current market rate of doctors in Feroze Hospital and Doharra Hospital is Rs. 700-800 per visit and a whopping Rs 7000/ for a minor operation.

Touts are ruling the roost. They loiter 24x7 in OPDs. General Wards and Casualty Wards. Patients are admitted through touts, basic facilities like ventilators or oxygen cylinders are provided on the recommendation of touts. One of the leading tout is a former AMUSU leader who is also having a gas agency in AMU. 

The scene in casualty and general wards resembles that of a RTO office or a Train booking counter with touts pestering the patient's relatives. In short hospital has been outsourced to touts. 

Senior doctors are hankering after lucrative posts in university administration. Can anyone imagine that a senior professor of medical college is neglecting his professional duties and serving as proctor since last so many years?


Most of the blame should be shared by former Principals Dr Zaheer, Dr Arif Siddiqi and current Principal Dr Ashraf Mallick and his team.


JNMC is in deep coma, and to bring it out of coma following drastic steps are urgently required 

1) Immediately close down the hospital for six months. UGC and ICMR should suspend all aid.

2) Review all appointments made during last 5 years, and terminate the incompetent and corrupt doctors.

3) Hand over the entire investigation to CBI/SIT just as U P govt did in NHRM case.

4) All those found guilty including the Principal should be given exemplary punishment.

5) Appoint fresh doctors on merit with a condition that all fresh appointees should have at least one degree at UG/PG from outside Aligarh.

6) Revamp the existing facilities at hospital, and equip it with the latest state of art facilities.

7) Appoint a new Principal and Medical superintendent from outside Aligarh.

8) Scrap the seat reservation for Internal students in MBBS. Internal students get admission on the plea that they will serve the Muslim community and the country, but the inhumane manner in which the present generation of corrupt, and arrogant JNMC doctors leave the patients ( mostly Muslims), to die at the hands of touts. In fact, Narendra Modi looks to be a saint when compared to doctors at JNMC. The very purpose of Internal reservation is defeated. Internal reservation is a ploy to perpetuate inbreeding.

9) Since Pathology and Radiology departments have become dysfunctional, so their functioning may be outsourced and all employees including doctors of these departments should be provided pink slips.

Can all those who are reluctant to sit with Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi in court meetings explain why they are comfortable breaking bread with corrupt, inhumane and arrogant doctors, who fleece money from poor patients even on Operation table?

Can the organisers of Golden Jubilee celebrations explain what is left there to celebrate?

In Uttar Pradesh, Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has shown the guts to take on the medical mafia. Will a courageous soldier who happens to be our VC muster similar courage? Only time will tell.

[Ahmad Subzwar is AMU, Aligarh alumuni. He completed his B.Sc. (Engg.) in 1981. He is based at Hong Kong. He can be contacted at ahmad.subzwar@gmail.com]

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By Indian Muslim Observer on June 15, 2012. Filed under , , , , , . Follow any responses to the RSS 2.0. Leave a response

7 comments for "SPECIAL REPORT: AMU's JNMC - Time for bitter remedy"

  1. D suggestions above r more inclined towards making jnmc free of muslims than free of corrupt doctors...speaking precisely of d point nos. 1,5,8ppl r forgetting dat almost 40-50% of docs in jnmc r of religions odr dan islam...bt still amu(jnmc) exists to b d only medical colz harbouring greatest no. of muslim docs anywhr across india...one of d community in minority..serving d purpose for wich it ws made ..to uplift educational std of muslim community in india aided by centrl govt..may b dats y its d only univ always in spotlight ...who cared wen a pt dies due to hospital acquired infections as a result of operatns dey did nt evn need carried out in numerous prvt hosptls across india jst to warm up d pockets of sm prvt practitioners of medicine ,or shud I say traders of life and death ..by d way intrnl reservatns r nt fr a particular religious grp bt fr all students who cmplt +2 frm amu schools d admission to wich is cnductd by a general merit all india entrance test so dere is no question of such bias interms of religion ...and if smthng hs to be done for point no.8 y not start it frm d 1st rankd university of india...delhi univ hvng more dan 50%seats reservd fr its students..amu comes way below du in dis list at position 5 and also d oder red lists of scams,ruthlessness,politics,selfishness etc...speaking of ventilator like services I experiencd d pain personly..watching my close frnd's mothr pass away for d lak of it wen it ws needed, jst recently..d soln lies vry well b4 our eyes we jst tend to neglect nd always start frm d scratch lk closing down d colg reveiwng appointmnts knowng nt wat harm it causes to d students and all dose thousands of patients who gt treatd nd cured of dere ailments evryday for free nd return happily to dere homes from jnmc in a country like india where dose so calld policy makers couldnt do enuf to increase d seats of dis colz and did it for all dose prvt med colleges opened up in a singl room in exchange of a handsm piggybank presentd b4 dem lk prasad ke laddoo. And caught red handed shamelessly..bt dey do eye on its closure for d satisfaction of dere dark intrests nd prejudices dey hv always had against amu,right frm d off...d rules of d univrsty r writtn vry clr nd vry specific it jst needs executn by right hands lk our newly appointd vc...dere r many expectatns frm hm...i hv personaly suffered a grt scandal in trms of my admission in dis colz bt fought my seat bak within time..so no harm done on records bt who counts for d mental torment I hd to face?...similarly i believe dat walking on d same lines much cn b acheivd in trms of improvmnt in d current situation bt I hardly cn imagine dat a colz lk jnmc needs to b invstgatd wid d same vigour as nrhm scam keeping in mind d funds it receives frm d centrl govt for its maintainance nd running wich is nt evn 1%of d amount furnaced in nrhm scheme...a tempting 10,000crore scam!!! So I dnt want to veil d tattered costume of our university,bt wat really needs to b done is stitching on a large scale rather dan unclothing it all turning it naked gvng d excuse of changing to new costume...

  2. It is a common practice in India to blame each and everything on doctors.Though everyone is not a saint to use such language is appaling.I doubt if the author has any personal experience of what he has written.Some of the senior faculty esp those in admin. may b corrupt but what about young PGs who come from all over india and join here to learn and serve.What can they do when the equipment,infrastructure and funds are so scarce?

  3. Who is nautanki author ,ever came to JNMC ,what a baseless shit he is vomiting,bloody crap ,hello mr. its not your stone age AMU when one admission in 10+2 by jugaarbaazi n got internalship [as expected u got that type of internalship) , these it took to compete from 55,000 candidates to be among 900 selected student in 10+2, sent your offsprings here they must be kickout in this 10+2 elemination , uncle do some research before posting , dont create your own story..........middle finger to you ...imao...

  4. FOR JNMC : COURTSEY : LIKES OF ARIF SIDDIQUI, PROF. ZAHEER AND "EVEN"" PROF. MAHDI HASAN ( dont forget to scrutinize theJNMC appointments carried out under his principalship/Deanship)

  5. exellent reply.sirjee the author is just a moron who doesn't know even a single thing. All his points are completely shit.how dare does he compare doctors of jnmc to narendra modi.goli mar deni chhahiye. He has forgotten that what he is today is because of AMU

  6. There is no point in saying that internal reservation is a blot on JNMC. The piont is to reform the guilty..... How could state this so clearly that all the internals are wrong.....sad.
    The major reform which should be taken is to educate the medical students and make them realise the importance of hardwork and honesty.... The education should be more inclusive..... Financial aid should be provided to the college and infrastruture should be developed.....

  7. U said it in ur own way......

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