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Maharashtra AMU alumuni organize conference to Support Communal Violence Bill

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Mumbai: On the 10th of June 2012 , Aligarh Muslim University Alumni Association Maharashtra (AMUAAM) organized a conference on “ Communal Violence Bill “ which has been drafted by a National Advisory Council (NAC) consists of various secular and learned luminaries to protect the rights of religious minorities and fix the accountability of state agencies and State forces during the times of communal violence.

The conference was chaired by Dr Asghar Ali Engineer, a renowned secularist who has authored more than 70 books and who is the member of the drafting committee of the bill too.

Advocate Irfan Engineer, Director for Center for Study of Society and Secularism & Institute for peace Studies and Conflict Resolution.. was also present to highlight the importance of such bill in today’s time and the relief it is going to bring to religious minorities upon its implementation.

Advocate Irfan throws light on the various reasons that why and how a communal violence takes place and what kind of havoc it left behind on the victims and their families , also in the aftermath of such riots the atrocious approach from the investigation agencies to randomly pick up innocent youths (mostly from the minority community) in the name of investigation and putting them behind bars without any proof or witness and tormenting and torturing them to accept what they haven’t done … Such act leave an environment of fear and disgust among the minorities and also alienate not only the innocent victim but their families too from the main stream and their resolve towards the Indian state and central government weakens…He also emphasized on how such law if implemented can check such biased approach from the investigating authorities and also protect the rights of the victims and targeted individuals.

Dr Asghar Ali Engineer went into the root cause of such communal riots and is of the opinion that if any riot spread over above a period of 24 hours then it can be an act of a state sponsored terrorism or the state government is too incompetent to prevent such riots , to substantiate his comment he gave example of Bihar & West Bengal that how under Lalu Yadav’s & communist regime no communal riot had taken place in both the states , whereas in Gujarat the state machinery was so involved in the whole riot that it left a trail of fear and anguish among the minority community which is not going to be healed in near future..He also said that there are exceptions available everywhere and when the whole of Gujarat was burning in the fire of communal violence , two districts of Gujarat showed exemplary resistance to any such acts ( Bhavnagar and Godhra) and this was possible because the administration of these two districts was in the hands of people having values and ethics and were true to their work and they put their whole force to protect the minorities and thus saved thousands of lives by their exceptional act of duty and courage.

According to Dr Asghar Ali Engineer, there can be number of ways in which such acts of barbarism can be checked and the first and foremost preventive method will be changing the whole educational system of the country, he described that how the biased historical facts and inflammatory information is incorporated within the curriculum and how these distorted and communal articles are effecting the mindset of common man which in turn emerges as a communal person having very little respect and understanding of other religions and such mindset is too volatile and erupt during the times of communal violence which results in enormous loss of life and relationships.

Dr Asghar Ali Engineer also emphasized that the present laws and by laws available in the country are enough to check any act of violence but they are not being implemented properly and are overlooked and laughed upon each time . He was of the opinion that there are parties and individuals whose policies and agendas are going to get a real set back with the implementation of such bill and hence they are trying their best to stop this bill to get cleared and under the present scenario it is unlikely that such bill is going to see the light of the day .
He requested the audience , which consists of people from all walk of the society , to really understand the need of such bill and encourage their friends and families to support it so that every common man should understand that India is land of communal harmony and such riots are deteriorating the communal fabric of the country and taking India deep into the clutches of hatred and bigotry and only a bill which can protect the rights of every Indian and also creates an atmosphere of peace and brotherhood is going to strengthen communal harmony and also fix the accountability of state agencies and prevent them in being biased towards a particular community.

Also during the conference Dr Asghar Ali Engineer releases a Book titled “ JIHAD in the contemporary Period” written by an Alumni of AMU and a dedicated secularist Mr “ Anwer Hussain” . The Book was published by “ The Center for Study of Society and Secularism” and deals with the true meaning of JIHAD and how it is misinterpreted by various religions and Countries.

In the end Tanweer Alam, President of AMUAAM, thanked all the guests and audience for making conference a successful affair and also highlighted the various issues undertaken by the association in uplifting the educational standard of the underprivileged and improving the socio-economic condition of the community in particular and underprivileged mass in general. He also laid the emphasis of AMU center & Sir Syed House in Maharashtra and he promised to take these issues with the state government for a speedy solution. He also requested all the alumni to take the vision of Sir Syed Ahmed khan forward by accepting and contributing their social responsibilities and making India a better place to live by creating an atmosphere of religious tolerance and communal harmony.

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