Published On:21 June 2012
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Kashmir to host international Islamic conference

Srinagar: For the first time in the history of Kashmir, it will host a major international Islamic conference. Eminent Islamic scholars and religious leaders from across the world will attend the conference, which will be held at Sher-i-KashmirParkin Srinagar on June 21, according to the organizers. The conference will throw light on teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in the context of present time.

Masood Ismail, one of the representatives of Haqqani Memorial Trust, which organizes the conference, said that the event will be “historical” in the Islamic era of Kashmir as leading Ulemas from India, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria and Europe will attend the conference.
According to Ismail, the members and representatives of Haqqani Memorial Trust will bear all the expenses of holding the conference. “Neither government nor any NGO has offered any monetary help to us. We are all spending from our pockets, and feeling proud that the lectures on the importance of imbibing teachings of Holy Qur’an and the sayings of Prophet Mohammad will resonate in Kashmir.

He said that the conference will highlight on the need to create maximum awareness regarding love of the Prophet among the Kashmiri Muslims, particularly the youths. “Being Muslims, we were supposed to be true believers as its requisites were passed on to us by the Prophet more than 1400 years ago. But, things are quite different today, therefore, we realized that maximum awareness regarding reverence and love for Prophet Mohammad should be created among the Muslims here,” he asserted.

Expressing concern that some “vested elements” are bent on sowing the seeds of communal violence in Kashmir, Ismail said that the Ulemas will stress on the need of forging unity among all the sects of Muslims. “Some forces are bent on sparking communal hatred here. The conference will highlight the importance of maintaining the solidarity among all the sects of Muslims across the world,” he informed.

He added that the Ulemas will inform the audience that how some western powers are exploiting authors like Salman Rushdie and Tasleema Nasreen to hurt Muslim sentiments across the world. “With their blasphemous writings, Salman Rushdie and Tasleema Nasreen have angered the Muslims across the world. The Ulemas will inform that how some anti-Islamic powers are using the influence of the writings of such authors to disintegrate Muslims on all fronts,” he said.

Asked about the expectations from the conference, Ismail said “It is huge. We are expecting hundreds of thousands of Kashmiris to attend the conference. And I think, no one should miss the opportunity of listening to some of the best Ulemas across the world,” he added.

(Courtesy: IINA)

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