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Indonesia Badminton 2012 and Fate of Muslims!

Simon Santoso Wins the Indonesian Title

By Dr. Abdul Ruff

Badminton,or Shuttle coke, played as junior tennis by using smaller light-weight rackets is being promoted in certain parts of the world, especially in South East and East Asia. Having got a big hidden agenda, India has also been taking interest in badminton, while its Muslim neighbors Pakistan and Bangladesh do not even seem to know a sport known as badminton- too bad! Maybe, these former parts of big brother India think Indian alone can shine all the way while they would just watch the show. 

As Olympics games are fast approaching, one wonders if Pakistan and Bangladesh have any hope for a Bronze medal at least, but Indians still have hopes for a Bronze at least. Hopes are an essential human virtue but they do not come in vacuum. Countries require infrastructural ideas.. . 

Global Muslims generally do not take interest in sports, let alone positive thinking, and perhaps many Musim countries do not have the resources to fund the sports.The Muslim rulers and their cronies eat away bulks of the resources. The worst examples are, again, Pakistan and Bangladesh where even the media lords share the corruption booty with rulers and refuse to spare money for sports. 

It is indeed pathetic that Muslim rulers, leaders and others do not care for sport events. Every nation, like India and Israel, promotes corruption but also encourages sports and spare money for that field. Why the Muslims are so backward even in such small things like sports? 

More than the money aspect, the mindset is crucial. Money will come. Will Islamic organisations like OIC take speedy appropriate steps to let Muslims also shine in sports?
So many badminton tournaments are going on in many countries. Indonesia Open Premier Super Series 2012 conductible recently at Jakarta, Indonesia. 

Simon Santoso of Indonesia is the champion of Indonesia Badminton 2012 he defeated China's Pengyu Du. The organizers announced Santoso as world champion but Indonesia open is not a world completion of all players and teams but only a regional event and the winner cannot be the world champion. He is just the champions of the event Indonesia Open Premier Super Series 2012 at Jakarta, Indonesia. 

[Maybe they are being misled by Russian mischief of giving away a medal to India origin Spaniard Anaduo as "world championship” by asking just two chess players - one each from Hindus and Jews. What is amazing is a TV English channel considers him as one of the greatest Indians for several centuries. International frauds are India's “greats and greatest”. That is great Indian mindset!]

Still, Indonesia’s ace shuttler Santoso, who is seventh seed in Indonesia Open, has achieved great feat for himself and his world. Santoso showed a gutsy performance as he played controlled and positive badminton and ended the incredible winning run of the best shuttlers, mostly in straight games.

Simon Santoso kept his hopes alive throughout to win the title as he reserved his berth in Men’s Singles final after ending the gallant run of India’s Kashap in semi-final battle at Jakarta. The Indonesian has been calm, mostly cool and collected to win the title. Earlier, Simon Santoso ended gallant run of Parapali Kashap in Men’s Singles semi-final; Kashap had defeated the China's rank number 1.

Santoso, who is currently World Number 9 in Men’s Singles world ranking, showed an impressive performance and easily overpowered all opponents. In 2005 he won the Robot HCMC Vietnam Satellite and the silver medal at the 2005 Southeast Asian Games. His best results on the world circuit until recently were runner-up finishes at the Singapore (2008), Swiss (2007), and Indonesia Super Series (2008) events . He was also a semi-finalist at the Japan Open Super Series (2007) and the Chinese Taipei Open (2007). In September 2008, Santoso won the Chinese Taipei Open after defeating Roslin Hashim from Malaysia in the final round. In October 2009, he won his first Super Series ever in Denmark Open Super Series, after beating Marc Zwiebler of Germany in the final round, 21-14, 21-6. He won gold in the 2009 Southeast Asian Games by defeating Sony Dwi Kuncoro. In 2011, He retained his gold medal in 2011 Southeast Asian Games by beating Tanongsak Saensomboonsuk in 3 sets. In 2012, He helped Indonesia Garuda to win the inaugural Axiata cup 2012. More people have also got medals too in other minor categories, including China's Yang, Jae Sung Jung and Yong Dae Lee, India's Sania Neruwala and Thailand's Sudket Prapakamol.
Indonesia, the hosts, already had much to cheer about as its Olympic-bound women’s doubles pair Greysia Polii and Meiliana Jauhari won their first match in five encounters against Japan’s world No.8 pair Miyuki Maeda and Satoko Suetsuna. Jauhari’s heavy hitting from the back, and astute work by playmaker Polii up front, unsettled the Japanese. 

A Word

The highlight of Indonesia Open in Badminton is the collapse of top Chinese players. Many of them crashed out earlier that too to ordinary players. 

Maybe, the collapse was intentional or careless attitude which could even be the Chinese tactics for preparation for the forthcoming Olympics. Maybe, Beijing has pleased countries like India for some other gains. After all, China is a veto member of notorious UNSC!
Indonesia is South East Asian nation with largest Muslim population but ruled by non-Muslim leader, promoted and protected by the anti-Islamic west. This explains why there are hardly any Muslims even in sports. India is Hindu state with Hindu majority controlling the nation and resources and hence Muslims are not encouraged, let alone preferred, in any domain. But Indonesia is Muslim majority nation where Muslims do not have enough space or scope.
Is it also part of western deformed democracy at which the terrocracies target?

[Dr. Abdul Ruff is Specialist on State Terrorism. He is Chancellor-Founder of Center for International Affairs (CIA). He is former university Teacher, Analyst in International Affairs and an Expert on Middle East. He can be contacted at abdulruff_jnu@yahoo.com]

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