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Guinness World Record comes to Aligarh Muslim University

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Aligarh: The students of Aligarh Muslim University have secured a place into the Guinness Book of World Records for their alma mater by creating the world’s largest paper envelope. The Guinness World Records has issued a certificate to the Aligarh Muslim University to this effect.

The 36ft x 24ft envelop was made by a group of more than two dozen students from different faculties. It also carried a message of world peace and brotherhood signed by more than ten thousand students and faculty members of the University. It was addressed to the United Nations Department of Peacekeeping and had a beautiful stamp of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan on it.

The messages urged the people to make the world a corruption free and peaceful place. “Let there be no oppression, we want peace, equality, and brotherhood in the world”, read the tagline mentioned on envelop.

The official witnesses of the event, Prof. Mukhtar Ahmad, Prof. Razaullah Khan and Dr. F.S. Sheerani have congratulated the students on the first ever entry of the historical
university into the Guinness World Records. The students’ team leader, Syed Nabeel Mehdi said, “Credit goes to our team that worked really hard and put their sincere efforts. It required extreme care, neatness and delicacy to manufacture such a massive envelope with paper, which we would recycle soon”. He said it was just a beginning and in a new direction.

AMU Public Relations Officer, Dr. Rahat Abrar said, "The students have sent a sincere message to the world. This is what Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, the founder of this university,dreamt of – a peaceful and united world."
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