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World’s First Muslim Spelling Bee hosts the Finals at Chicago's Historic Des Plaines Theatre

• 52 regional winners from across the country participated from Islamic, Public,mPrivate and Home School
• TV ONE Global to broadcast the event

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Chicago, USA: At the Des Plaines Theater, in the suburbs of Chicago, the atmosphere was electric! Families from all over the United States were converged for the World's First Muslim Spelling Bee Finals on May 5, 2012. The premise of the bee is to connect Muslim students from all over the United States who attend public, private and Islamic schools. Regional winners hailed from Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, New York, New Jersey, California, Florida, Houston, Michigan and Dallas and included high caliber competitors such as the Florida state spelling bee winner who will be competing in the Scripps' National Spelling Bee in the end of May.

The event started at 8.30 AM with registration and followed by recitation of the Holy Quran by Hafeez Idris Abdus Salam, a young civil engineering graduate from Polytechnic Institute of NYU, he and completed memorization of Qur'aan at age 11 at Darul Uloom New York and Graduated High School in 2007 from Alghazaly High School in Teaneck, NJ.

The participants were divided according to their ages into 3 groups A, B & C and they were guided by the volunteers to their respective sitting arrangements.

Tausif Malik, the founder director of Muslim Spelling Bee welcomed and introduced the program to the attendees. He thanked the media for supporting the event and read out the names of the media sponsors to the audience. He also thanked the teachers, principals and parents for their support in making the competition a grand success.

TV ONE Global representative Dr.Mujahid Ghazi, welcomed and wished the participants and attendees and briefed about the TV ONE Global and broadcasting schedule of Muslim Spelling Bee.

This was followed by a inspiring speech about importance of education by World’s Youngest Newscaster Ibraheem Khan, student of Decatur Classical School. Ibraheem is a captain of "Battle of the Books" Program in School and Vice-President of School Student Congress.  He has delivered speeches in the presence of many dignitaries (Alderman Debra Silverstein, Senator Ira Silverstein, Congressman Danny Davis, Governor Pat Quinn) and is also the world’s youngest newscaster.

Dr.Asma Rizvi, co-founder of Muslim Spelling Bee introduced and invited regional winners according to their group to the finals.

The Judges and Pronouncers for the event were:

• Asma Asif, Rosalind Franklin University, Chicago Medical School, Doctor of
Medicine & MBA from Loyola University
• Zara Tariq: Completed B.Sc. in Biology from Northeastern Illinois.
• Rafia Tariq: Associates in Early Childhood Education.
• Keren Mujtaba: Studying: Psychology & pre-Occupational Therapy at UIC, Illinois
• Sana Akhter: Arabic Student Zaytuna College, California

The regional winners showcased their skills and expertise and raised the level of the competition. The audiences were dazzled and spellbound by their knowledge about spellings of words. The Judges exhausted their wordlist and championship and challenging words were introduced, but still the regional winners braved all the odds and excelled.

The winners for the competition are:

Group A

• First Position: Asiyah Mardiyyah Arastu, Charles Lindergh Elementary, Michigan
• Second Position: Adam Ahmed, Darul Arqam, New Jersey
• Third Position: Aaisha N Hafeez, Achieve Charter Academy, Michigan

Group B

• First Position: Aisha Safiya Khan, Spring Habor Middle School, Wisconsin
• Second Position: Shu’ab Rahman Siddique, Al Ihsan Academy, New York
• Third Position: Neha Farhan, Lincoln Alternative School, California

Group C

• First Position (Joint Winners): Sara Ali Kazmi, Al Hadi School of Accelerative Learning, Texas & Yusra Hashmi, Gifford Middle School, Florida
• Second Position: Maryam Arshi Barucha, Daar Ul Ilm, California
• Third Position: Aatif Ahmed, Henderson Middle School, Georgia

The event concluded with award ceremony and awards were presented to the winners by the sponsors.

• Nook Tablets By TMA Worldwide
• Cash Prizes By Dr & Mrs. S.M. Hammad Rizvi and family
• Books By Iqra Foundation
• Other Prizes By Jamshaid Nasim and Chand Nasim
• Gift Certificates By Strike X Ten
• Books by Islamic Post Online
• My Halal Kitchen - Gift Bags
• One year subscription of Al Jumuah Magazine

Mohammad Ashraf Patel of Anmol Restaurant had sponsored the lunch for the regional winners and the attendees.The booth sponsors were Comcast, Helping Hand , Amana Finance and Islamic Post.

The Media sponsors of World's First Muslim Spelling Bee competition included Al Hikmat TV, Al Jumuah Magazine, Asian Lite, Azizah Magazine, Desi Express, Dinar Standard, Dunya, Indian Express USA, Indian Muslim Observer, Infocus California, Islamic Focus, South Africa, Islamic Post, Lone Star Crescent, Muslim Coupon, Muslim Backyard, Muslim Digest, My Education Key, My Halal Kitchen, News Pakistan, New York Awam, Pakistan Chronicle & Pakistan Journal, Pakistan Post, Pakistan Times & South Asian Gazette, Pakistan Express, Pakistan Voice, Radio Saram/News Pakistan, Radio Sohni Dharti, Sadaa-e-Pakistan, The Desi Times, Tribune Asia,TV ONE GLOBAL, Urdu Times Chicago, Urdu Times, Ummah Design & Ummah Linked.

Tausif Malik & Dr.Asma Rizvi thanked everyone and Dr.Javed Bhatti recited the Holy Quran and made dua for enhancement of knowledge.

According to Muslim Spelling Bee founders all the participants are winners as they worked hard and learned value of education and competition and hence they were awarded with participation certificates.

Muslim Spelling Bee Canadian Edition will be held from September-October 2012 for details visit http://www.muslimspellingbee.ca.

If you are interested in getting involved in the Muslim Spelling Bee, please visit http://www.muslimspellingbee.com.

For more information, please call:

Tausif Malik
Cell: 773.536.9786
Email: media@muslimspellingbee.com

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