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An Open Letter to incoming Vice Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University

Dear Gen Zamir Sb,


At the outset, I would like to congratulate you on your appointment as next  VC of this prestigious university. You have been entrusted this responsibilty at a  very crucial time when the university is in deep coma and is gasping for survival.. The founding fathers of this historical university modelled it on Oxford, and dreamt that like Oxford and Cambridge , it will also  attain glory as a world class university, but unfortunately , today it is not even a cow belt level  university..The main reasons for its downfall are as follows.

Poor Academic Standard

As you may be aware that the academic standards of the university are declining day by day. The present position is that our university does not figure even in the top 50 universities of the country.  The number  of students qualifying in the civil services,  and state level exams  are also dwindling every year. Presently we have a strength of 28,000 students and  it is a matter of great  shame that not a single student qualified for civil services exam this year..Similarly the percentage of students qualifying the NET/GATE is also abysmally low. .Very few reputed companies come for campus placement in our engineering college/ Management faculty, and most of our boys gets placement in some obscure companies of Ghaziabad, Noida etc. We have failed to introduce new courses like metallurgical engg, Mining engg, nanotechnology,  which are in great demand in the current market scenario. Morover we have failed to revise our syllabus as a result of which our students are finding it difficult to get a decent placement. In today's world , when globalisation, enviornment protection, land accquisation for industry , carbon credit, FDI are key issues, our management faculty/Commerce dept is stuck up with aligarh focussed issues like lock industry and are churning out thesises on the lock industry. The qualifications of our faculty members is also a matter of serious  concern. It is shocking to know that the percentage of our faculty members having qualifications from premier universities/ Institutes like  IIT'S, IIM'S,IISC, ISB, CCMB,CDFD, NII, NIN, Delhi university, XLRI, jamnalalbajaj, AIIMS, CMC Vellore, PGI chandigarh, BHU  etc is almost negligible.

In breeding 

In breeding  has assumed alarming proportions in our Alma Mater. Presently Mediocre inbreeders comprise approx 95% of teaching faculty , and this  is the root cause of the poor academic standards. Faculty members  should be appointed on merit,and faculty positions  should not be dished out as rewards for sycophancy. Some people on this network tried to justify inbreeding on the ground of dynastic politics prevalent in the country, but this  argument is not teneable because in politics , we at least get an opportunity to remove a person after every five years , whereas a mediocre faculty member  once appointed cannot be removed, and by the time he retires he has  destroyed  two generations of students. Previously inbreeders used to enter through the back door (Leave vacancy/Adhoc appointment) ,  now they have devised a new route (Guest Faculty). There are many instances where the entire family including the sons-in-law and daughters-in-law are  on the university roll. The sorry state of affairs in Medical college, where even the university staff avoid getting treated  is solely due to inbreeding.  It won't be wrong to conclude that AMU has been HIJACKED by Inbreeders.The saddest part is that nobody in the campus whether it is AMUTA, Old boys association, Court, EC, Technical staff association , would raise this issue as everbody is having his own pie and are enjoying it. IIM'S,IIT'S Delhi university, XLRI,AIIMS, CMC Vellore has been able to maintain their excellent standard, and are counted amongst the best in the world because they have not compromised on merit both for students as well as for faculty. Inbreeding is non existent in these institutes. It is pertinent to point out here that the best dept of our university The Inter discplinary Biotechnology dept has the least number of Inbreeders, and it is not a mere coincident.

Sir, It is not that the situation is completely out of control , even today a lot can be done only if one has the determination and the will power to do it. The country and the  community hopes that you will rise to the occassion ,and take necessary steps to stem the rot, and restore the old glory of our alma mater. The country and muslim diaspora have high hopes from you and we trust that you shall not let them down.. You have served the country with great  distinction. Now is the time to serve the community with same distinction.

The solution is very simple. Appointment to faculty positions should be strictly on MERIT.  A commitee consisting of eminent academicians should be constituted to review all the appointments made during last 6-7 years. Those whose performance is not staisfactory should be given a chance to improve, and if their performance does not improve, then thay should be handed  pink slips. Inbreeders should be forcibly  transferred to new centres ,just  to keep them away from vitiating the atmosphere in the campus.

Sir, as you are well aware that our university has produced brilliant scholars like Sir Ross Masood, Hadi Hasan, Rasheed ahmad siddiqi, Ale Ahmad Suroor, Mohammad Habib.Babar Mirza, Athar Ali, Mahdi Hasan, KM Pannicker,Masoodul hasan,Nasim Ansari  etc,  but unfortunately today it is producing the clones of Barulites,  mamu's,and Khalu's . We hope that unlike your predecessors, you will demonstrate greater courage and will take necessary steps to surgically remove the cancer of inbreeding and save the university from slipping into obvilion.
Indisciplined teachers 

Sir, unfortunately, AMU is the only university in the world where around 20% of teachers are notorious for bunking classes, 50% of the teachers visit the departments only to take classes( 1 hour  daily max). There is no discipline amongst the teachers and for a majority of them teaching is a part time profession. Their real profession is real estate business, and instigating innocent students for their vested interests... Medical college teachers are doing roaring private practice in various hospitals of the city & many have opened their own clinics in markets and home and even some have hospitals in names of wives etc. Most of the university departments are deserted after 2 pm.

Disciplining the errant teachers will be a huge challenge for you, but I am sure that  a person who has braved the hostile climate, of Siachen, will be able to surmount this also.. One of the possible solution to this problem is to introduce biometric access control  system in the departments. Salary should be paid on pro rata attendence basis. Annual increment should be linked to their performance and a commiteee comprising of eminent experts should evaluate the performance and on the basis of this evaluation , annual increments should be  provided. The system of extraordinary leave should be dispensed with. EOL is being misused by the teachers to earn quick bucks in Middle East. Please also introduce a condition that those candidates who are NET qualified and having one degree either undergraduate or postgraduate from outside AMU. shall only be eligible for faculty positions . This way we will get good teachers, and will be able to curb inbreeding.

Factional Fights
Another Irony of AMU is that the Bete Noire of Raj Thackeray  are at each other's throat on AMU turf. Both these groups have destroyed the AMU culture. Tameez and Tahzeeb of the past has been replaced with arrogance,open defiance and Gun culture. Four letter words are the lingua franca of the students.

In the end I would like to request you , not to appoint any insider to the  post of PVC, Registrar, Finance Officer, Controller of Exams, DS , Principals of Engg and Medical colleges, or Proctor, as they will betray you at the first available opportunity. .. Please appoint qualified and competent  outsiders with impeccable credentials to the above mentioned positions.

Thanx for sparing your precious time. and Best of luck to you.

With Warm Regards

Ahmad. Subzwar
B.SC ( Engg) 1981, MBA( iift)
Hong Kong
Email: ahmad.subzwar@gmail.com

[Posted on AMUNetwork@yahoogroups.com - Saturday, May 12, 2012]

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  1. With anti-AMU persons like Mr Sabzwar among us we don't need any RSS, Bajrang Dal, VHP, etc., etc., any more any more.


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