Published On:02 May 2012
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Muslims-Dalits unite on Maharashtra Day to form Avami Vikas Party

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Mumbai: “Anger and hatred are taught in history. When Shivaji and Afzal Khan had a confrontation, Afzal Khan’s betrayal was conveyed to Shivaji by a Muslim, while Afzal Khan’s bodyguard was a Maratha. But what they teach us in class is different. And that is what creates a rift between Hindus and Muslims like it happened with me at school. We are here to bridge that divide, to be respected for who we are and to show the world that we will not longer be treated as less-equals.” 

This statement came from educationist Javed Pasha took centrestage at Shamukhanana when at the historic moment when Dalit and Muslims came together on Maharashtra Day to celebrate Maharashtra Day with the launch of a party that stands up for the rights of minorities from the pockets of India. Based on the principles of Shivaji Maharaj, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar and Maulana Azad among others, the party that has elected former ACP  Shamsher Pathan as its National President and Babban Kamble, Editor – Samrat  as his Deputy, was launched at Shanmukhananda Hall, Kings circle.

Sixty five years after independence, even now Muslims and Dalits are not getting equal treatment and are still socially, economically and politically backward and are caught in the mire of religious and caste politics, and are merely being used as a voting bank.

“In fact, the state of Muslims in India is worse than that of the Dalits. In the name of Reservation Dalits are being exploited while Muslims are being exploited under the name of safeguarding them. Though together they contribute to 39 per cent of voting bank, they are disregarded when it comes to being in power. Both these communities are being used as a staircase for those wanting to rise to power,”  explained Shamsher Khan Pathan, National President, AVP. “The Dalits and Muslims both have to unite if they have to make their presence felt and make a difference,”

“Malegaon, Prabhani, Nanded have illustrated who the real terrorists are. Why then are the Muslim community being branded as terrorists? This is their India as well. We need to stand together and fight,” added Babban Kamble.

We do not see the Dalits as younger brothers. That time is gone when you considered someone less equal. Today, everyone is an equal. They are my equal brothers,” announced Pathan to a roaring audience.

The party is backed by educationists, journalists, and people from various spheres of life and is being guided by a former cop and a journalist as their leaders and hence we believe we can make the difference with AVP. This is the first party which has taken the principles of  Shivaji Maharaj, Maulana Azad and Babasaheb Ambedkar and will fight for the upliftment of the downtrodden.

This unity, aver party members, will make a difference from gram Panchayat to Vidhan Sabha levels. Btoh Muslims and Dalits need socio-economic progress and this is not possible without making a political  change.  This is the reason behind the Awami Vikas Party because we as educated people shy away from politics, and this attitude should change if we seek an awakening.

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