Published On:07 May 2012
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Muslim lawyer flees Russia

Lawyer Dagir Khasavov, who earlier this week called to introduce Sharia law in Russia, has urgently left Russia, the BBC reported citing a source in the country`s union of political migrants.

The union`s spokesperson said that Khasavov decided to flee after receiving death threats.
On April 24 the lawyer gave an interview to Ren-TV that Russian Muslims want to live by the Islamic law.

Dagir Khasavov
“May be you are foreigners here, and this is our home. We will set our rules, whether you want this or not. We will turn the city (Moscow) into a second dead sea”, Khasavov said.
The General Prosecutor`s Office later said that in his interview Khasavov sounded like an extremist.

No Sharia court in Russia

Human rights commissioner Vladimir Lukin saying that attorney Dagir Khasavov who suggested creating Sharia court in the country should be prosecuted.

Attorney Khasavov said on TV that Muslims don’t accept Russian Court and therefore they have to have their own Court. Otherwise, the Attorney said, Moscow will be sinking in blood and become a dead sea.

Lukin replied that such a statement makes him feel hard. He said he wishes to remind everybody who lives in our country that we have the Constitution and the Law that we have to obey. And only the Supreme Court can make orders that must be taken to action. 
Russia’s interior ministry probes into extremist appeals

The Russian Interior Ministry is studying the interview of lawyer Dagir Khasavov with one of federal TV channels for alleged appeals of extremism violence and ethnic strife, its press office says.

Experts with corresponding ministerial departments will then give their assessment of the interview.

In his interview to REN-TV, Dagir Khasavov proposed to create Sharia courts in Russia.
He said the Muslim community was going to set their own rules in the country and warned of bloodshed anyone who tried to oppose them.

Yabloko sues Islamic lawyer for appeal to extremist violence

Russia’s Yabloko party has filed a complaint to the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Investigation Committee to act on the threats of Islamic lawyer Dagir Khasavov, who warned Moscow of bloodsheds if the authorities tried to stop Muslim immigrants from implementing Sharia laws, Yabloko’s Chair Sergei Mitrokhin said.

In an interview to the REN-TV channel, Dagir Khasavov, assistant to social politics and healthcare committee’s chairman, claimed that Russia needed Sharia courts.

“Muslims don’t want to have anything to do with the court system. You think we come to Russia like to some foreign place. But we feel totally at home here. It might be you who are aliens here. And we are going to set the game rules whether you like it or not. And you’ll face bloodshed if you try to stop us… We will drown the city in blood,” he said.

According to Mitrokhin, the lawyer violated Russia’s criminal code articles, prohibiting public appeals to encourage extremist activities, inciting hatred or enmity and abasing human dignity.
It’s a call for religious violence, an extremist appeal broadcast by the media, Mitrokhin said, urging the prosecution to take swift action against Dagir Khasavov.

Russia won’t have Sharia courts – Fedotov

Head of the Russia’s Presidential Council on Human Rights, Mikhail Fedotov, has rejected the idea of implementing Sharia law courts in Russia as unacceptable.

No civil state can have two coexisting court systems as it would undermine the rule of law, he told Interfax today.

Earlier, Dagir Khasavov, an Islamic lawyer, threatened everyone who opposed the introduction of Sharia law in Russia, triggering a harsh response from the local Yabloko party.
Speaking with reporters on a federal channel, Dagir Khasavov said Muslims in Russia didn’t want to go to secular courts and would seek the establishment of Sharia ones. He also warned of bloodshed if this demand wasn’t met.

The Russian rights ombudsman noted that Sharia courts could only emerge in the country as arbitrary courts.

(Courtesy: The Voice of Russia)

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