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A lesson from History: Reasons that led to the fall of Ottoman Empire

By Abdul Hannan Siwani Nadvi

Multiple factors generated a vital role in the fall of Ottoman Empire, one of the most power empires for several centuries.

Historians say that one of the reasons broke the back of this great Empire pushing it on way of decline was the block, led by Christian countries, that put this Empire under its constant attacks, invasions, sedition and conspiracies. This significantly led to the crushing of the Empire that had enlightened the West and Europe through its Islamic teaching and moral values abolishing so many old and inhuman traditions and culture that were common in Western and European society at that time.

After recognizing the factors of the decline of Empire, the efforts were made to address all the mistakes but it was proved too little too late. And, finally, this great Empire collapsed completely after years of insurgency, invasions, attacks, lack of Islamic system, and growing the threat of emerging groups in various territories of Ottoman Empire.

Endless wars and violence in Muslim countries

Ever since the two world wars ended, a series of wars, violence and conflicts have been taking place in Muslim countries or where the Muslims are in majority. Establishing of Israel, Arab-Israeli-wars, Suez war (1956), wars in Somalia, Iran Iraq war, massacre of Bosnian Muslims, Iraq-Kuwait-war, Iraq wars, Gulf war, Afghanistan wars, 9/11 attacks, Terror campaign, Sudan war, Islamophobia, bans on building of minarets, bans on wearing veil, Gaza wars (2008-2009) Muslim prisoners in Guantanamo, and finally a long war on terror and illegal drone attacks throughout the world are all related and tied to one aim.

Who are behind these wars and violence?

There were certain blocks, at the time of Ottoman Empire, who did not let it to exit and live safe, secure and free from violence.

This time, when the era has advanced, the blocks are same, though faces have been changed; way of work has been moderated; slogans, thoughts, terms, ideologies, targets and the way of destruction have been revolutionized.

In past, Muslims had been making intensive efforts to keep their borders, citizens, resources, territories and regions safe and secure averting invasions and conspiracies.

In 21st century, the prevailing political environment in Muslim countries is same with little bit changes. In past, they failed in quashing such blocks even they collapsed; in present, the scenario is same without registering any remarkable move.

The supreme aim behind these plots

The target was very clear. The aim was evident. The purpose was the destruction and ruing of peace in Muslim countries without giving them a single opportunity to take their power back or pose any threat to others.

These aims were same when Ottoman Empire was under constant invasion by the block. The same aim dominates this time too. Muslim countries' resources, economic, political circles, their culture, religious identities are under extreme occupation of the same block.

There have been intensive efforts for decades for not allowing Muslims and Muslim countries to live in peaceful climate and they do think about development and growth.

Certain powers of the world do not want to let them live free and grow in calm environment that is why after ending an issue a new unrest, a new campaign and a new propaganda is generated to encounter them. This conspiracy was successfully thwarted when Ottoman Empire was in power and its borders had been expanding. The same attitude stands this time, because there is no logic to drag Muslims, Muslim countries into trouble humiliating Islam, Qura'an and their messenger, irrigating Muslims religious sentiments.

The supreme aim was to make Muslims defenseless, desolate and down-and-out from being a strongest nation in the world.

Muslims' intensive efforts to get rid from the influence of the same bloc did not show significant result till now.

Peace is necessary for development

Development, growth, education, innovation, reformations and offering peaceful environment to generation so that it is able to demonstrate its god-gifted skill are tied to peace, calm, harmony and stability in countries political situation.

If Muslim youths have been lagging behind in education and in other sectors, or Muslim countries unable to offer stable governments to their citizens, it's men peace does not exit there. Wars, violence, ethnic conflicts and political uncertainty are shattering their dreams and are not allowing them to concentrate on their future's target.
The same environment played an active role in shattering the foundations of Ottoman Empire. Wars, insurgency and threat from certain quarters dragged it to the way of collapse.

What is the way out

Though conspiracies have always been hatched, enemies always tried to shatter the foundations of Muslim countries, the efforts always been made to wipe us out from the map, the Muslims, holding precious Islamic heritage that taught the world a lesson of humanity and human rights, still dominates in the world, Islamic traditions still exit here that is why, I say, there is no way out for Muslims except following the way of Islam because all roads bound to fall and decline. Others may get success on moving in same track, but for Muslims, there is no way except Islam because this religion and its teaching are for all and for everyone. It removes injustice, corruption, ethnic and color slogans, establishes justice, peace and offers solution to all problems Muslims have been facing and trying to remove them through imported culture. But the million dollar question is who will accept it, especially, when worldly affairs and technologies have influenced them?

[Abdul Hannan Siwani Nadwi is based at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He can be contacted at ahannan111@yahoo.in]

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