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Historical Session on Jewish and Pakistani Cooperation Conclude in Toronto

On the initiative of Weekly Press Pakistan – Canada, the only reliable source of information about Israel in Urdu language, a session of group discussions between Jews and non-Arab Pakistani Muslims was held in Toronto to boost people-to-people dialogue for the sake of world peace, humanity and global harmony.

On behalf of Jewish community, David Nitkin, President of EthicScan Canada and a full-time corporate ethicist, who was also the host of the session, warmly welcomed the Muslim participants and said: "Thank you for gracing us with your presence. We earnestly hope to learn more about Islam and Pakistan and with open heart have started informal meetings with brothers and sisters in the Ajmi Muslim community in Toronto."

"...My Messiah speaks Hebrew, not Arabic because the God we both pray to is wise and great enough to speak to people and hear from us in many languages. Whether you call him Allah or I call HaShem (The Name), the Almighty we both pray to has inspired Moses, Mohammed, and other prophets we both revere," he further said.

Tariq Khan, Editor of Weekly Press Pakistan, thanked Jewish community for the hospitality and informed that Pakistani people also don't speak Arabic language and the language of Pakistan is Urdu which is considered as world's 4th largest spoken language, followed by Chinese, English and Spanish languages. "We must admit that Jews are the first ones on the planet to accept the oneness of Almighty God. Muslims recognize and accept the truth that the basics of Judaism are the same that of Islam. Muslims and Jews are cousins. There has never been any armed conflict between the two. Either it was era of Khalafat-e-Rashidiya, Ummaid Caliphate, Abbasaid Caliphate, Muslim Spain, Muslim India or Ottoman Caliphate, peace-loving and intelligent Jewish people were never considered as enemy of Muslims and were reportedly holding top-level administrative and financial positions." Editor of Weekly Press Pakistan said.
He further enlighten that a Muslim man is allowed to marry Christian and Jewish lady. Prophet Muhammad, (PBUH) had only one Non-Muslim wife, Hazrat Safiya, (RA) and she was a Jewish lady by birth.

On the issue of Jewish HOLOCAUST, Muslim participants including Muhammad Nadeem, Khaleel Siddiqui, Irshad Mahmood and Iqbal Qamar explained that Muslims were not at all a party to it. Rather Muslims of occupied France assisted Jews in getting away from the clutches of Nazis. Hitler, the cruel ruler of Nazi Germany, was common enemy of both communities as during World War II, Ajmi Muslim soldiers, majority of them belonging to today's Pakistan region, had fought along with Allied Forces against him. It is on record that the Grand Mosque of Paris served as a safe heaven for the Jews of that time. "We need to understand Jewish history. We need to understand Muslim history. We need to understand Jewish-Muslim cooperation history." The participants emphasized.

Historically, Palestine was neither a Muslim state nor any administration unit, but ancient Israel of Prophet Hazrat Israel was established according to the divine order of Allah. It was only in 1948, just after the re-birth of Israel, when the enmity with Jewish people was fueled by Communist rulers of Arab countries in the name of Arab Nationalism. Contrary to both Islamic and modern democratic values of government, the Arab rulers are kings and dictators with out having any moral and political grounds. The Jew is enemy of no body but the hypocrite dictators of Arab countries simply need an enemy to blame the result of their own wrong-doings. The Arab population is not more than 20 % of the total Muslim population across the globe and Ajmi Muslims should not become part of any kind of hate crime against Jews and Jewish State of Israel.

Israel was created with signed consent of Kings of Jordon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and other Arab states but to fulfill their vested interests, the Arab rulers invaded Israel. Since God Almighty never supports unjust and hypocrite people, Arabs were defeated badly and today, when there is bloody rebellion in Arab countries by their own citizens, Israel is emerging as a great unbeatable power and the only democratic country in the region as well advancing to serve humanity. It is most unfortunate that the Arab countries, which shamelessly call the talented and educated Pakistani people as AL-MASAKEEN (The beggar people), also misled the rulers of newly-born Islamic ideological state, Pakistan. The meeting participants regretted.

Pakistan's first Foreign Minister Sir Zafrullah Khan, who did not attended the funeral of founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam intentionally delivered an opposing speech against Israel in the United Nations just to serve his own personal vested interests and to please the Arabs and thus, the ideological democratic country which has to become strategic partner of another ideological democratic country, was forced to pose herself as truly anti-Israel country which is no more acceptable by majority of Pakistani educated people. It is kindness and greatness of Israel that Pakistan is not being considered as enemy under the Israeli laws and now it is right time for Pakistan to review the Foreign Policy and recognize Israel with out further wastage of time. Israel has never done anything against the interests of Pakistan and Pakistani people.
Khaleel Siddiqui, a senior Pakistani-Canadian journalist, presented his research article on ISRAEL in which he historically proved that according to Holy Quran, the City of Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish people. He believed that recognition of Israel by Pakistan and other Muslim countries will burst bubble of hatred. "Could we ever ponder as to why our prayers for the liberation of Palestine and Kashmir, are not responded despite the submission of millions of Muslims during Hajj since 1948? Allah will never help you for a Wrong Cause," he expressed.

"The frank discussions, I hope, will open a new chapter in Jewish – Muslim relations. I believe that the misunderstanding between the two communities will be ended. Real Muslim is not a Terrorist and Enemy of Jewish people. Judaism and Islam have the same source – the religion of Abraham. Our (Jews & Muslims) God is one, and we both believe in the "DAY OF JUDGEMENT". We have similar instructions regarding Alcohol, Slaughtering of animals, Matrimonial relations, and other Social activities," he concluded.

The meeting participants admitted that Christianity and Islam borrowed heavily from Judaism, but the latter does not proselytize and never went to war to convert people, but has adapted, modernized, progressed and fit into whatever culture Jews have found themselves in. Muslims can continue to learn from Jews, and vice versa, and there need be no coercion to change, only there must be acceptance that leads to peaceful co-existence.

"Thanks for Jewish friends for inviting us at their home and very special thanks to Dr. David Nitkin. It was nice meeting with you to exchange our thoughts. We are children of Adam and Eve and we are brothers. This is the key thing to meet and exchange our views keeping in mind fixing the Global World as a Global Family and we must keep moving forward," Irshad Mahmood, a Muslim participant expressed his feelings.

"I sincerely hope that this meeting will prove a milestone in establishing faithful win-win relations between our two communities. It is our desire to remove useless misunderstandings and live in peace. Pakistanis are very talented and peace-loving people having lots of God-gifted skills. They are proving their worth in each and every field on international level. Let's join hands together to serve the mankind." One of the Jewish participants commented.

Tariq Khan also briefed the audience how the Press Pakistan email discussion group on Google is playing a vital role for the promotion of media ethics in Pakistan and helping over 14,000 Pakistani journalists to connect with each other to not only share their media issues but also to find solutions. He suggested celebrating national and cultural festivals of Pakistan and Israel jointly in Toronto and publicizing to further boost the interaction.

David Nitkin, in his concluding remarks, said: "I learned a lot about Pakistani history and Ajmi Muslim practice, for which I am grateful. Over three hours, we talked about religion (Christian, Jewish, and Islam), Muslim-Jewish stereotypes born out of ignorance but not hatred, recent Pakistani history, the role of authorities in religious interpretation, redemption before God, what it means to be a good person, the brotherhood of our respective faiths, the content of the Holy Books, and many other topics. Several of my friends who couldn't attend would like another opportunity to meet. The idea of more direct people-to-people sessions in community centres and private homes without rabbis and imams is promising."

The Muslim participants expressed their deep gratitude and appreciations to the host. The session was ended with a pray that "May Allah Almighty grant Muslims, throughout the world, the wisdom to accept the reality – That is – Israel and the right of the Jewish people to live on that land peacefully which was awarded to them by Allah Ta'laa when Prophet Moses (PBUH) brought them from Egypt, a fact which the Holy Quran also certifies."

(Courtesy: Palestine News Network)

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