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Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance launches Global Islamic Finance Certification in Bangladesh

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IMO News Service

Dubai: Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance, which is based in Dubai, recently launched its Islamic Finance Certification program in Bangladesh. Yousuf Sultan, Managing Director at Aljadeed, Ethica’s licensed reseller in Bangladesh, said, "The Islamic Finance Certification program launch by Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance is especially significant because the training and certification platform is fully AAOIFI-compliant and accessible from any corner of Bangladesh online, requiring only 4 months to go from newcomer to advanced."

"So whether training Grameen’s microfinance specialists in remote villages, or the entire staff of a bank such as Ethica did at Mashreq Bank in Dubai with 1,000 bankers, the training is ideally suited to a country like Bangladesh with a vast network of remote branches," said Yousuf Sultan in a press release.

"With three times the population of all the Gulf countries combined, Bangladesh is the sleeping giant of the Islamic finance world. A burgeoning urban middle class, an active microfinance sector, and strong support from regulators gives Islamic finance an historic opportunity to shine in this country. And with only an estimated 14,000 bankers currently serving the Islamic finance sector, the demand for a locally-available, globally-recognized certification is now at its highest," Yousuf Sultan pointed out.

Dubai-based Ethica Institute of IslamicFinance is a winner of “Best Islamic Finance Qualification” at the 2011 Global Islamic Finance Awards, and is chosen by more professionals and students for Islamic finance certification than any other organization in the world. With over 20,000 paying users in 44 countries, the Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance is accredited by leading scholars and serves banks, universities, and professionals across over 100 organizations. To watch an Ethica training video click Here. For more information, please call Sameer Hasan at +971-4-455-8690 or e-mail at

Last month Ethica launched subsidized pricing for developing countries, so Bangladesh residents now pay half the standard rate. Yousuf Sultan, Managing Director at Aljadeed, Ethica’s licensed reseller in Bangladesh, said, “Ethica helps fill the gap in Bangladesh for highly trained and globally certified professionals. We now rapidly train the existing generation of bankers and also address growing demand from new professionals.”

Aljadeed Islamic ConsultancyServices is an independent advisory body consisting of Islamic finance scholars and banking experts. Based on AAOIFI Shariah standards, Aljadeed’s advisory services address the gap in the Bangladesh market for bank advisory and training. Yousuf Sultan, Managing Director at Aljadeed, leads the team having previously been a major TV personality for his knowledge of Islamic jurisprudence and an Islamic finance teacher at Darul Uloom. Aljadeed is licensed to distribute Ethica’s training within Bangladesh using Ethica’s award-winning online platform.


To learn more about Ethica's training programs in Bangladesh, please call +880-17-1511-4543 or e-mail at
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