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15 May 2012

'Are we teaching "HOW TO BEG in the Mosques on the name of ALLAH & TO HELP ALLAH"!!

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Big Big Costly Mosques versus Poverty and suffering of Muslim Umma in the world!!

Now there is atrend of migrated and well settled muslim big brothers in the western countries to build big sofisticated mosques with unnecessary domes and minarets in it. They mesmorise the muslim population in general by quating ahadish and misinterpretantaion of Quranic translations.

They beg in the pretention of helping Allah (Nauzobillah) they teach other members in the mosque how to beg !!

They carry out costly begging campaign in a sophisticated banquet halls with movi recording of their begging deeds. Almost all expences are paid by the attending reach and wealthy people for their advertisement and at the cost of enteraance fee paid.

Now let us study the psychological impact of begging and art of teaching how to beg!! and of course begging is forbidden in principle; it is only in case of necessity or a dire need that it becomes permissible to do so as stated by Abu Haamid Al-Ghazali may Allah have Mercy upon him.

"Begging is forbidden whether it is in the mosque or outside it, unless there is a real need for it. If necessary, one may beg in the mosque as long as one does not harm anyone and does not lie in begging, or disturb the people by stepping over them or with one's loudness, for instance, when the people are listening to the Friday khutbah, and one distracts them by one's voice.”

Moreover, some scholars, like As-Suyooti (May Allah have Mercy upon him) stated that it is disliked to beg in the mosque for the general saying of the Prophet sallallaahu `alayhi wasallam (may Allah exalt his mention): “The mosques are not built for this.” [Muslim]

In case someone raises his voice in the mosque, he should be told not to do so, whether he was a beggar or else, but in principle, in rebuking the beggar, one should be soft and gentle and not harsh or severe.

The prophet also said: "A person begs and begs..eventually, he appears on the Day of Judgment with no flesh on his face.", "A person who begs money when he does not need, collects fire." (al-Hindi, VI/495; Ibn Hajar, Bulugh`1-Maram, (Exp) N/144).

It is also  written in the Quran: “Alms are only for the poor and the needy, and the officials (appointed) over them, and those whose hearts are made to incline (to truth) and the (ransoming of) captives and those in debts and in the way of Allah and the wayfarer; an ordinance from Allah; and Allah is knowing, Wise." [At-Taubah, verse 60].

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