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World's first Muslim Spelling Bee hosts regional competitions in Georgia, Florida and Michigan

Students from Islamic, Public, Private and Home School participated from adjoining states and Canada

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The nationwide World’s first Muslim Spelling Bee competition held the regional competitions in Georgia, Florida and Michigan. In Georgia, the competition was held at Mohammed Schools of Atlanta. The competition was held at American Youth Academy in Florida, while in Michigan, the competition was held at Precious Sprouts of Ann Arbor. A large number of students participated from adjoining states and also from Canada from Islamic, Public, Private and Home School.

All the events started at 8.30 am with registration and followed by recitation of the Holy Quran. The participants were divided according to their ages into 3 groups A, B & C and they were guided by the volunteers to their respective sitting arrangements.The Board, Principal of of the host schools and Founders of Muslim Spelling Bee welcomed and thanked everyone present at the event and this was followed by the competition of Group A which consisted of students up to 8 years old and which had the highest numbers of participants. After Group A, Group B was called on stage for the competition and followed by Group C. Group B and Group C finalists regaled the audience with their tough competition.

Muslim Spelling Bee founders, Tausif Malik and Dr. Asma Rizvi
The winners of Regional Competition – Georgia

Group A - First Position: Ahmad Hossain (ILM Academy); Second Position: Yaseen Siddeeq (Mohammed Schools Of Atlanta)

Group B - First Position: Shahd Mahmoud (Greensboro Islamic Academy); Second Position: Syed Muhammad Arsal Haider (City of Knowledge Islamic School)

Group C- First Position: Aatif Ahmed (Henderson Middle School); Second Position: Esraa Omar (Greensbro Islamic Academy)

The winners of Regional Competition – Florida

Group A - First Position: Ammaar Mohammed (Universal Academy Of Florida); Second Position:Adam Ayaz Shaikh (Universal Academy of Florida)

Group B - First Position: Ahmad Abdulmagid (American Youth Academy); Second Position: Ali M Ittayem (Garden Of The Sahaba Academy)

Group C- First Position: joint winners Hadi Joud (Universal Academy Of Florida) and Yusra Hashmi (Gifford Middle School); Second Position-Amarah Khan (Connection Academy Florida Virtual School)

The winners of Regional Competition – Michigan

Group A- First Position: Asiyah Mardiyyah Arastu (Charles Lindberg Elementary); Second Position: Fatma Ala (Crescent International Academy)

Group B - First Position: Mian Ahmed Haroon (Muslim Unity Center); Second Position: Islam Ehab Youssef (MIA)

Group C- First Position: Shaida Kareem Nishat (Dickinson East Elementary); Second Position: Mian Arsam Haroon (Muslim Unity Center).

The events concluded with award ceremony and awards were presented to the winners by Principals and teachers of various Schools presesent at the event.

Principal Quran Shakir of Mohammed Schools of Atlanta said, “It is a great opportunity for students to participate and excel, as this not only helps the community but the country as whole and we need to develop skills for them to benefit our country.”

Principal Magda Al Saleh of American Youth Academy said, “Competitions help the children to learn and excel and every opportunity must be grabbed to help elevate the knowledge and skills of the students.”

Dr.Jafrri, Board Member of Precious Sprouts of Ann Arbor, said, “We are extremely happy to be part of the competition, we believe overall development of the students are important and this is our humble effort to host the Muslim Spelling Bee.”

According to Muslim Spelling Bee founders all the participants are winners as they worked hard and learned value of education and competition and hence they were awarded with participation certificates.

Riyaz Babbar Khan of TV ONE Global, which is the official television and radio partner of Muslim Spelling Bee competition, said that we would be recording and broadcasting the event shortly.

Sara Taher Khan, Director of TV ONE Global and Interflow Group, said, “TV ONE is one of the earlier supporter of the Muslim Spelling Bee and we believed that this would be an ideal opportunity to create education awareness through competitions.We would be shortly announcing the programming details and we are available on major cable and satellite networks, please visit our website www.tv1online.tv for updates”.

Dr. Asma Rizvi co-founder Muslim Spelling Bee thanked everyone and informed about the forthcoming regional competition to be held Illinois, Texas (Dallas & Houston, New York and Finals at the historic DesPlaines Theatre, DesPlaines, Illinois.

Tausif Malik co-founder Muslim Spelling Bee announced that the Canadian Edition of Muslim Spelling Bee will be held in September-October 2012 and UK Edition of Muslim Spelling Bee will be held May-June 2012.

If you are interested in getting involved in the Muslim Spelling Bee, please visit www.muslimspellingbee.com.

For more information, please call:

Tausif Malik
Cell: 773.536.9786
email: media@muslimspellingbee.com

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