Published On:20 April 2012
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Syllabus of schools and universities must be changed

By Abdul Hannan Siwani Nadvi

Nowadays, education grabs an extra attention across the globe. The governments across the world have been making efforts to ensure education to every citizen. In India, Central government has introduced a law called RTE act 2009 to offer education to every citizen, irrespective of his religion, caste and color.

There are many countries that have adopted laws to deliver education to everyone spending millions on reforms in syllabus as well as in educational institutions.

There have been efforts to deliver education to students through computers and other electronic equipments. Majority of people believe in good education, which makes society and people civilized.

There are many educational and technical institutions, which are delivering good and effective education, existing in the society. Tens of thousands of students of these famous and elite institutions got good job, settled in their own life or serving the community, or have become ministers, ambassadors, MPs, CEOs, directors etc. Despite these facts why does the society face crimes like rapes, kidnapping, sexual harassments, deception, and cheating in all levels? Why does society live in fear? Why does everyone feel insecure even in his/her own home? Why do growing educational institutions leave no effects on the ground? If common man or families or women or girls live in fear from criminals, or educated persons turn rapists, killers, blackmailers, kidnap their own friends and ask ransom to free them, or if educated classes land in prostitution, or corruption takes place in private and in government sectors even in the hands of educated people, then, its mean there is something that is not good and not in favor of anyone in education. It makes evident that current educational system, which is unable to solve social problems of society and homes, has several lacunae and pitfalls.

Insisting on revision of syllabus taught in schools and in universities is nonsense for many, however, apparently current educational system that makes Youths engineers, technicians, scientists, directors, has failed completely to keep society free from crimes.

This time, education is to be believed a source that will erase bad eggs from society keeping it clean from crimes, but it did not happen. This time, more crimes are being carried out by the students who have come out from famous and prominent institutions. The tragedy is, governments do not think to reconsider on that issue because they understand that the syllabus is being taught in schools and universities are unchangeable. If the syllabus are good and appropriate and need not to be changed then why educated classes and university graduates are getting involved in so huge numbers in many crimes? If the education being imparted in educational institutions is good then why these educated classes are helpless in the face of criminal activities in countries. Why does society still live in the barriers of religion, race and color? Why does discrimination still exist in society? Why countries oppressed classes complain discriminations and injustice in development projects or in other projects are being installed by governments?

Why do women and girls whether they are in higher position or not, are subject to sexual harassments by their bosses? Why does massacre happen? Why is there gulf between poor and rich? Education ruins these barriers, education makes people civilized. Education downplays discriminations to poor classes, as it is claimed, then, why, and despite of growing educational institutions, countries, society, public and governments stranded in trouble and unable to solve so many issues arise on daily basis.

Whether it is accepted or not, the fact dominates on the ground, and the truth is that the educational system in all countries has been collapsing and fails to bring good results that the society wants to see them.

The failure of educational institutions is evident to all. These educational institutions are unable to produce the generation that ably serves the country and the world for peace and for a peaceful life.

It is high time for countries to reconsider the syllabus is being taught in universities and schools so that a better syllabus that is good for society be prepared and implemented soon.

[Abdul Hannan Siwani Nadwi is based at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He can be contacted at ahannan111@yahoo.in or on his Mobile # +966 (0) 546411482]

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By Indian Muslim Observer on April 20, 2012. Filed under , , , . Follow any responses to the RSS 2.0. Leave a response

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