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SPECIAL REPORT: Exported from Maharashtra, Shiv Sena activists create communal riots in Gaya during Ram Navami, mosques stoned, shops set on fire

By Wakeel Ahmad

Photo Courtesy: Azhar Zaman
Gaya (Bihar): Ever since Nitish Kumar became firm in the saddle, bureaucrats in the whole of Bihar started working whimsically and arbitrarily. They listened to what the Chief Minister says or orders about rather than going by the order of petty politicians or local MLAs.This is perhaps the reason why Nitish Kumar has so far been able to keep the communal forces at bay, who are out to rip apart our communal and social fabric.

The RSS supremo Mohan Bhagwat has been frequently visiting Patna and organising meetings of the Sangh cadres.Whatever is preached at the RSS meetings are enough to raise communal tempers in the state.The hate campaign in which the RSS and the BJP thrive on has not found favour with the JDU workers who have been trained and indoctrinated in the socialist camp. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar appears to be determined to observe what we call “Rajdharma” which Narendra Modi failed to do in Gujarat. He has already made his intention very much clear to BJP MLAs and cadres that the coalition government is not his compulsion rather he can sacrifice it for the sake of peace and communal harmony.

Photo Courtesy: Azhar Zaman
The unconditional and unstinted mass Muslim support to JDU in the recent Assembly election has infused Mr Kumar with new vigour. What happened to Mayawati in Uttar Pradesh following scores of communal skirmishes here and there is a lesson to Mr. Kumar, who by all acounts does not have his own votebank like Laloo Prasad Yadav. The way in which the Samajwadi Party in Uttar Pradesh fought for each and every public issue includig that of Muslims has also motivated Laloo Prasad and his ilk to go hammer and tongs at present dispensation in Bihar. Hence, Nitish Kumar would not like to leave any space for Laloo’s political manouevering.

Photo Courtesy: Azhar Zaman
What happened at Gaya and Nawadah during Ramnavmi had never happened in any part of Bihar during 15 years long rule of RJD. Many political observers describe it as a prelude to some horrible communal holocaust because mosques and Muslims shops were selectively targeted in the strong presence of the policemen and administrative officers. Processionists indulged in heaviest stone pelting and setting mosques and shops on fire.While the police jawans looked on passively. When Muslims youths reacted to their mischief, the cops chased them away. The Kotwali SHO, Gaya, is said to have deliberately allowed the Ramnavmi processionists to pass through disputed routes rather than traditional ones.What surprised Gayaites most is the number of processions, which stood at 60 compared to only 26 in the past.

Photo Courtesy: Azhar Zaman
Hence, the question arises why the district administration did not make a proper security arrangement to control the processionists most of whom were in a drunken state. There are also reports that more than a hundred Shiv Sainiks had been summoned to create trouble on the land of Lord Buddha. But locals had no plans or any inkling about their nefarious design. Even intelligence department also failed to gather information about gameplan and movement of the communal forces coming from Maharashtra.

Though the Police and civil administration immediately swung into action and brought the situation under control, the situation has, however, threatened to worsen in the coming days. DIG of Police, Naiyyar Hasnain Khan played a crucial role in bringing the worsening situation under control and taking stern action against erring police officials. The role of District Magistrate Bandana Preyasi was also highly praiseworthy. The DM has sought explanation from the static Magistrates deputed at different sensitive points in the town.

Photo Courtesy: Azhar Zaman
What has surprised the district administration most is the involvement of a few white-collared people and members of Peace Committee. The footage of the videography of the communalists will bring into sharp focus and help the police to bring the troublemakers to justice.

Bouyed up by the unexpected victory of modern-day Hitler, Narendra Modi, the BJP in cahoots with the RSS and VHP cadres wants to polarise Hindu votes by whipping up atavastic passion. So, the second innings of Nitish Kumar government may turn out to be more horrible than in the past.

Election of local bodies are a few days away from now. Around a dozen Muslim cadidates always win hands down. They play the role of the kingmaker , rather than as a king. If what happened during Ramnavami serves to polarise Hindu votes in the ensuing election of local bodies, they will surely carry on with their communal agenda till general election to be held in 2014. All the communal wings have been active for some time now to bring the BJP back to power.

Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev have been secretly working for the BJP in the name of Campaign against Corruption. Corruption is not skin deep but deeprooted in our blood and bones. It is not possible to be fought or to put to an end by the likes of Anna Hazare or Baba Ramdev. The credentials of prominent Team Anna members Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi are also quite dubious. History bears witness to the fact that whenever the likes of Kejriwal or Baba Ramdev have launched compaign against corruption, communal forces have come to power. The BJP grew from strength to strength in the wake of Bofors scandal. So Muslims should be wary of the ugly designs of the communalists and their brothers-in-arm Team Anna members.

[Wakeel Ahmad is Staff Correspondent with IndianMuslimObserver.com. He can be contacted at wakeeldel@gmail.com]

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  1. Report of this kind will surely awaken the muslim from the deep slumber.Nitish kumar will be discredited because of saffronids nefarious design.

  2. If the Nitish Kumar government believes in secularism, why is he in a coalition with a communal party?? Even when he wasn't in need of any coalition.
    Isn't it like a wolf hiding in the sheep's skin!!

    If he fails to stop such violence, then the people must put a full stop to his political career.

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