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01 April 2012

SEX & ISLAM: 'Allah's wrath upon homosexuals'

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By Mohammad Farooq Mia

Allah’s wrath was upon the nation/tribe of Prophet lut(lot) which is now dead sea near/around the state of Israel/Palestine/Syria. In addition to that, Arsh/throne of Allah shakes when a man fulfills his desire/passion in an altered/deviated way on a man instead of lawfully/religiously wedded wife/wives.

Among the humans (Insan) – some at times prefer more physical, some at times prefer more mind, and some at times prefer looks along with wealth/power/ family/position, etc. However, varying the combination of mind, body, and soul in/at/according to time/place/person is the best since future is always uncertain/ unpredictable to the most.

To few/many married human sexuality/carnal desire was/is not mystery/unknown as they can teach/write “Kama Sutra of Kama Sutra” to others/themselves. This form of passion/carnal fulfillment was/is many/at times communicated/expressed between husband and wife/wives in multiple/many/different positions in the form of writing with the tong all over the body, ink of which is saliva; in addition to this, fondling generates electrifying/fusion/nuclear effects/affects on mind, body, and soul of them – giving orgasms/reaching climaxes. The reward/aftermath of most of it is a newborn child – a token of appreciation from Allah/Johava/God for fulfilling the command/hokum/order of the almighty/omnipotent. Deviating from the hokum/order/commandment of his law/order/hokum/decree has long lasting detrimental consequences/receives the wrath of Allah/God/Johova.

Ancient had/has it right/correct/proper – any/all form/position/art of lovemaking/ carnal fulfillment is lawful as long as not through the anus, i.e. sucking like a lollypop and/or suckling like the nipple by infant in the position of 96/69 is lawful/ legal/proper– since for many in the burst/heat of passion soul, heart, and body works the most leaving very little room for mind/logic. Only logic/mind needed to be intact is that the man and woman/women are married.

Therefore, Prophet Mohammad/Muhammad/Momet (s.w.s.) said:- “…. Whoever of you can afford/able, should get married..!”

[Mohammad Farooq Mia can be contacted at mofmia5@yahoo.com]

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