Published On:13 April 2012
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Real Madrid changing cross logo for Muslim fans, sponsors

By Anthony Mauro Jr.

Real Madrid, the Spanish soccer powerhouse, will be making changes to their logo to appease and hopefully gain Muslim soccer fans.

After having the same logo for close to a century, Real Madrid is going to remove the cross from the top of the crown that lies within their insignia.

The Marca newspaper in Spain quoted a source in the club’s administration who said the change was decided upon in hopes of, “avoiding all forms of misunderstanding and conflict in the regions where the majority of the population is Muslim.”

The change in logo goes hand-in-hand with Real Madrid’s building of a $1 billion sports tourist resort in the United Arab Emirates. The resort will be the world’s first theme park placed on an artificial island.

Real Madrid can be grouped with other sports franchises recognized throughout the world, like the New York Yankees or the Dallas Cowboys. “Their annual reviews are over $500,000 and the team has an estimated net worth of almost $2 billion,” stated the Digital Journal.

According to Yahoo! Sports, “The cross has only been a part of the club’s crest because it was a part of King Alfonso XIII's crown, which was added to the crest in 1920 when he granted the club his royal patronage and their name changed from Madrid Club de Futbol to Real Madrid. All the royal symbols were then removed from the club’s crest and name in 1931 when the monarchy was dissolved, though they were restored at the end of the Spanish civil war in 1941 and have remained since.”

Just recently, Real Madrid’s rivals in Barcelona had to take the cross away from their logo to satisfy their sponsors located in Qatar. So, this could be the beginning of a long line of sports logos that are changed due to possibly offending certain groups.

(Courtesy: NewJerseyNewsroom.com)

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