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National seminar on Prof. Abdul Qavi Desnavi on April 1-2 in Bhopal

By Pervez Bari

Bhopal: A two-day National seminar is being organised on “Prof. Abdul Qavi Desnavi Hyat Aur Adabi Khidmat” here on April 1 and 2 at Mulla Ramuzi Sanskriti Bhavan, the headquarters of Madhya Pradesh Urdu Academy, (MPUA).

The seminar is being organised by Ilma Education Society, Bhopal under the joint aegis of National Council for the Promotion of Urdu Language, (NCPUL) and MPUA.

Kailash Sarang, former Rajya Sabha member, will inaugurate the seminar on April 1 at 10 am which will be presided over by Urdu litterateur Prof. Afaq Ahmad. The guests of honour on the occasion include Aziz Qureshi, ex-member of Lok Sabha, Iqbal Majeed, Prof. Shakoor Khan, Prof. Muzaffar Hanafi and Prof. Ateequllah. Prof. Afaq Husain Siddiqui will deliver the keynote address in the inaugural function while Kausar Siddiqui, director of the organising committee shall welcome the guests. Ali Mutaqqui Desnavi, the eldest son of late Prof. Abdul Qavi Desnavi will propose vote of thanks.

Prof. Abdul Qavi Desnavi
After the inaugural function there would be two sessions on April 1 and three on the next day. Two-and-a-half dozen scholars and writers from all over India will present their papers in different sessions of the seminar. They include Prof. Muzaffar Hanafi (Delhi), Ayub Waqif (Mumbai), Master Akhtar, Arif Aziz and Dr. Arjumand Bano Afshan (all three from Bhopal), Prof. Ateequllah (Delhi), Prof. Khalid Mahmood (Delhi), Maulana Syed Sharafat Ali Nadwi (Bhopal), Dr. Yaqoob Yawar (Banaras), Iqbal Masood, Rasheed Anjum & Dr. (Mrs.) Razia Hamid (all three from Bhopal), Dr. Saifi Sironji (Sironj), Prof. Manzar Husain (Ranchi), Prof. Afaq Ahmad (Bhopal), Dr. Maula Baqsh (Delhi), Mr. Naseem Ansari (Bhopal), Zia Farooqui, Ashfaq Mashhadi, Khalid Abidi, Dr. Mahtab Alam & Mr. Javed Yazdani (all six from Bhopal), Dr. Mohammad Nauman & Dr. Khalid Mubashshir (both from Delhi), Dr. Abdul Waheed Khan (Jabalpur), Naeem Kausar, Khursheed Akhtar (both from Bhopal), Dr. Shan Fakhri (Sironj), Habib Ahmad and Inamullah Lodhi (both from Bhopal).

Meanwhile, it may be stated here that Prof. Abdul Qavi Desnavi (November 1, 1930 - July 7, 2011) was an Indian eminent Writer, Critic, Bibliographist, Linguist and Scholar of Urdu language. He has authored more than 50 books on Urdu literature. His books were also translated in other languages. His important work was about Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Mirza Ghalib, Allama Muhammad Iqbal and litterateurs of Bhopal. He was recipient of several awards. He received Senior Fellowship from the Union Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India. His great treatise was a voluminous book on one of India’s frontline freedom fighter and first Union Education Minister Maulana Abul Kalam Azad over 900 pages titled "Hayat-e-Abul Kalam Azad" which he penned in the year 2000. It was acclaimed nationally and internationally.

Prof. Desnavi was born on November 1, 1930 in village Desna of block Asthawan in Nalanda district Bihar. He belonged to the family of Great Muslim scholar Syed Sulaiman Nadvi, who was one of the eminent historian and biographers of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), during his times. He was the second son of late Prof. S. M. Saeed Raza, who was Professor of Urdu, Arabic and Persian languages in St. Xavier's College, Mumbai. His elder brother was Prof. Syed Mohi Raza and younger brother was Syed Abdul Wali Desnavi.

Many scholars, poets and teachers of today such as lyricist Javed Akhtar, Poet Mushtaq Singh, Prof. Muzaffar Hanafi, Selani Silwatte, Prof. Khalid Mehmood, Prof. Mohammed Naumaan Khan, Prof. Afaq Husain Siddiqui, poet Iqbal Masood, Dr. Iqbal Masood Nadvi, Ahsanuddin Farooqui, Khurshid Akhtar, Mohammed Naseem, Dr. Qamar Ali Shah, Prof. Yaqoob Yawar, Maulana Syed Sharafat Ali Nadvi, Prof. Arjumand Bano Afshan etc. were under his tutelage during their student days in Bhopal and are now sparkling in the Urdu world. Under his guidance many students attained Ph.D. degrees.

Prof. Desnavi had his primary education in Arrah town of Bihar state. After completing his graduation & post-graduation in First Division from St. Xavier's College, Mumbai, he joined Department of Urdu in Saifia Post Graduate College, Bhopal in February 1961. He went on to become Professor and Head of the Urdu Department of Saifia Post Graduate College. He was well-known literary figure in India and in the Urdu world.

He retired in 1990. He was also holding many Honorary positions such as Additional Principal of Saifia Post Graduate College, Bhopal.(1983–1985); Secretary of Madhya Pradesh Urdu Academy, Bhopal (1991–92); Elected Member Majlis-e-Aam Anjuman Taraqqui Urdu (Hind), New Delhi (1979–1984); Member of All India Anjuman Taraqui Urdu Board, New Delhi, (1977–1978); Member of Program Advisory Committee, All India Radio, Bhopal (1978–1979); Member Executive Council, Barkatullah University Bhopal, (1980–1982); Chairman of Board of Studies, Urdu, Persian & Arabic, Barkatullah University Bhopal, (1977–1980) and (1984–1985); Dean Faculty of Arts, Barkatullah University Bhopal, (1980–1982), and Member Working Committee, Taj-ul-Masajid, Bhopal (1997-2007).

Prof. Desnavi received many awards in his lifetime such as Shibli Award, Mumbai, 1957; Senior Fellowship, Ministry of Education & Culture, Government Of India for 4 Years, 1979-1983; Sanad “Imteyaz Meer” All India Meer Academy, Lucknow 1981; Nawab Siddique Hasan Khan Provincial Award, Bhopal 1986; Bihar Urdu Academy Award, for recognition of Urdu services (1988–89) & (1989–90); and All India "Parvez Shahidi Award" West Bengal Urdu Academy, Calcutta 1998.

The books Prof. Desnavi authored to enrich the Urdu literary world included: Ek Aur Mashriqi Kutub Khana (1954); Hasrat Ki Siyasi Zindagi (1956); Aur Hindustan Jag Utha (1963); Allama Iqbal Bhopal Mein (1967); Mazameen Lisan-un-Sidque (1967); Bhopal Aur Ghalib (1969); Ghalibyaat (1969); Nuskha-e-Bhopal Aur Nuskha-e-Bhopal Sani (1970); Qadir Nama-e-Ghalib (1971); Anis Numa (1973); Ek Shahar Panch Mushahir (1973); Nazr-e-Sajjad (1974); Mota'ala-e-Khotoot-e-Ghalib 1975, (Edition 2nd 1979); Saat TahrireiN (1975); Hindustan MeiN Iqbaliat (1976); Talash-o-Taasur (1977); Mehdi Hassan Efadi (1977); Iqbal Uneesween Sadi MeiN(1977); Mirza Salaamat Ali Dabeer (1977); Bachon Ka Iqbal (1978); Iqbal Aur Dilli (1978); Abdul Haque Banam Mahvi (1980); Nazr-e-Takhallus (1981); Mota'ala-e-Ghobar-e-Khatir (1981); Dhanpat Rai Nawab Rai Premchand (1981); Iqbal Aur Darul Iqbal Bhopal (1983); Iqbaliat Ki Talash (1984); Yadgar-e-Sulaiman (1984); Iqbaliat Ki Talash Publisher, Globe Publishers, Urdu Bazar Lahore, Pakistan (1985); Armoghane-Saifia (Co-Editor) (1986); Abul Kalam Azad (1987); Maulana Abul Kalam Mohiuddin Ahmad Azad Dehlavi (1988); Mahanama Lisan-un-Sidque (1988); Yadgar-e-Azad (1989); Mataihiyat (1989); Talash-e-Azad; Talash-e-Azad, Shaqsiyat, Khidmat, Chand JhalkiaN (1990); Jawaharlal-o-Azad (Co-Editor) (1990); Ajnabi Shahar (1992); Fakhernama (Co-Editor) (1997); Urdu Shairi Ki Gayarah AwazaiN; Masreen wa Mutaliqat Azad; Hayat Abul Kalam Azad (2000); Bombai Se Bhopal Tak (2004); Dur Dais Se (2005); and MaiN Urdu Hoon (2006).

His books translated in other languages are: Abul Kalam Azad in Hindi language Translated by Janki Prashad Sharma, Publisher Sahitya Akademi (1987); Abul Kalam Azad in Punjabi language Translated Inder Singh Raz Publisher Sahitya Akademi (1988); Abul Kalam Azad in English language translated by Syeda Syedain Hamid Publisher Sahitya Akademi(1991); and Abul Kalam Azad in Maithili language translated by Fazlur Rehman Hashmi, Publisher Sahitya Akademi (1994).

The awards Prof. Desnavi received on his books are: Saat TahrireiN - Uttar Pradesh Urdu Academy Lucknow, 1975; Uneesween Sadi Mein Iqbal - Bihar Urdu Academy Patna, 1977; Mota'ala-e-Khotoot Ghalib - Bihar Urdu Academy Patna, 1979; Mota’ala-e-Ghobar-e-Khatir - Bihar Urdu Academy Patna, 1981; Iqbaliat Ki Talash - Bihar Urdu Academy Patna, 1984, Abul Kalam Azad Academy, Bihar Urdu Academy Patna, 1987; Yadgar-e-Sulaiman - Maghribi Bengal Urdu Academy Calcutta, 1984; Talash-e-Azad - Uttar Pradesh Urdu Academy Lucknow, 1991; Talash-e-Azad - Bihar Urdu Academy Patna, 1991; Talash-e-Azad - West Bengal Urdu Academy Calcutta, 1993; Urdu Shairi Ki Gayarah AwazaiN - Uttar Pradesh Urdu Academy, Lucknow, 1993; & Urdu Shairi Ki Gayarah AwazaiN - Bihar Urdu Academy, Patna, 1993.
Under his guidance the Ph.D. degrees were awarded by Barkatullah University to Dr. Muzaffar Hanafi - "Shad Arfi Shaksiat Aur Fun" 1974 Published – 1977; Dr. Hadiqa Begum - "Abdul Rehman Bijnori Hayat Aur Khidmat" 1981 Published – 1984; Dr. Naseem Shanvi- "Urdu Tanquid Ka Marxi Dabistan" 1981; Dr. Mohammed Ayub Khan - "Iqbal Aur Gazal Goi" 1982; Dr. Safia Wadood - "Takhalus Bhopali Hayat Aur Khidmat" 1984 Published – 1993; Dr. Arjumand Bano - "Riasat Bhopal Aur Mushahir Urdu" 1989; Dr. Shan Ahmed Fakhri - "Sironj Ki Khidmat" 1990 Published – 1999; Dr. Yaqoob Ali Khan - "Taraqqui Pasand Shairi Aik Jaiza" 1990 Published – 1997; and Dr. Mohammed Naumaan Khan - "Bhopal MeiN Urdu Inzamam Ke Baid"1990.

The poems composed on Prof. Desnavi include Pasban-e-Urdu by Rahbar Jaunpuri; Nazre Abdul Qavi Desnavi by Arshad Siddiqui; Anjuman Ilm-O-Kamal by Zafar Sahbai; Herf-e-Khuloos by Kausar Siddiqui; Shan-e-Imtiaz by Zafar Naseemi; Qandil-e-Hikmat, Abdul Qavi Desnavi by Wafa Siddiqui; Kharaj-e-Tehsin by Arman Akberabadi; Pahchaan Hai Saifia by Kamil Baihzadi; Prof. Abdul Qavi Desnavi by Mateen Qurashi Shaheed; and Aik Nazem by Iqbal Masood.
Prof. Desnavi died at about 5 am on 7 July 2011 in a private hospital where he was admitted following complaints of old age related diseases. He is survived by his wife, three sons and four daughters and a large number of relatives and literary friends to mourn his loss.

[Pervez Bari is a senior Journalist based at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. He is associated with IndianMuslimObserver.com as Bureau Chief (Madhya Pradesh). He can be contacted at pervezbari@eth.net]

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