Published On:06 April 2012
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Muslim lifestyle magazine 'Muallim' to hit Indian market soon

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Maxim Media plans to launch Muallim, a monthly English Muslim lifestyle magazine, in May this year. The magazine is targeting English speaking Muslim enthusiasts who want to know about Shariah and lead a life as prescribed in sublime form in Holy Quran and according to Sunnah.
The first issue of 'Muallim' will come out in Mumbai and its neighbouring cities. There are plans to make this a national magazine in the coming months.

Editor-in-Chief Maulana Ubaidur Rahaman Qasmi said, “Muallim is an Islamic magazine, which has a focus on spiritual needs and obligations of Muslims.”

He further said that the concept of a Muslim lifestyle magazine is appreciated by the Ulamas and Muslim intellectuals.

While talking to IndianMuslimObserver.com, Z.F Nomani, Director Sales and Marketing said, “Muallim, means teacher, and this magazine will work as an Islamic tutor for all the Muslim readers.”

Talking about the promotional strategy, he maintained, “We have a devise a marketing plan to reach English Speaking Muslims. We will be using social media, aggressive BTL, print.”

Muallim will be a platform for advertisers to reach Muslim consumers, who contribute to 15% of Indian consumer market.

The cover price of the magazine is Rs. 50 and print run for the first issue will be 3000. It will be available on news stands and book stalls in by and large Muslim population area.

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By Indian Muslim Observer on April 06, 2012. Filed under , , , . Follow any responses to the RSS 2.0. Leave a response

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  1. This is a good move, Please bring out the shirks followed in India and in other world in the name of Islam. Cas in many places there is not much difference between other religions and Islamic practises except the Arab essense. Please preach the pure Islam and bring down the illogical fatwas which are based on some Maulanas opinions.
    Also enable the postal deleivery of the magazine since we cannot reach everywhere physically.

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