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Is India still an uncivilized nation?

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By Syed Ali Mujtaba

Some anti- social elements have unleashed a trail of events to create communal hatred among communities in otherwise peaceful city of Hyderabad.

There are reports that pig flesh was thrown inside three mosques and Wine Bottles hurled at another mosque in Hyderabad.

The most surprising thing is in spite the demand by the Muslim community that the culprits should be arrested immediately no action has been taken by the local Police and no arrest in this case has been made so far.

This news reports reminds me of my days of doctoral research on ‘Partition of India’ at the India records office London.

I use wade through heaps of files to read exactly the similar stories to instigate Hindu Muslim communal riots just before the partition of the country.

When I read the report of pig flesh and wine bottles from Hyderabad, a stream of thought relating to the Partition of India jogged through my memory lane.

My head bows in shame living in a nation that has not learnt any lessons from its history even some sixty five years after its independence.

On one hand our country is progressing by leaps and bounds showing its baggage of civilization to the world, on other, such dastardly acts put happening at regular intervals put us under the category of uncivilized countries of the world.

Here one may like to question the role of security agencies. What kind of lessons and training they have received. Instead of stopping such incident to happen they seem to be a party to such act. It’s a foregone conclusion that if they were upright such incidents could not have happened at all.

This brings to the larger question; on whom should the weak and helpless may trust, or should have faith, in such cases where both law breakers and law enforcers are hand in gloves.
The righteous and the evil, the good and bad, the light and darkness have all have ganged up. At the receiving end is the humanity that’s weak and frail.

It seems there is a conspiracy of silence all round, as no one have the guts to say, stop this madness, as a civilized nation we can not tolerate this any more.

Since that is not happening one is prompted to say what an irony what a shame. Is India still an uncivilized nation?

[Syed Ali Mujtaba is a Journalist based in Chennai. He can be contacted at]
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  1. Huh...i heard instead cow flesh was thrown inside Hanuman mandir 1st than all thse dramas started. There are really some haters trying to destry peace in this beautiful country. An Indian from NE India. An animist.. Jai hind.