Published On:23 April 2012
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Galaxy of Ulemas, intellectuals, scholars participate in conference on Maulana Rumi at Kashmir University

By Raja Muneeb

Srinagar: A seminar on the “Importance of teachings of Rumi in contemporary world” was organized in Gandhi Bhawan of Kashmir University here today. The first of its kind, the seminar was organized by Jamait-i-Himayat-ul-Islam.

A galaxy of renowned scholars and intellectuals read their papers highlighting Rumi’s moral teachings through his Masnavi Manvi which left indelible imprints on the Muslim community of the world.

The seminar was presided over by Maulana Showkat Hussain Keing while Justice Bashir Ahmad Kirmani, Moulana Mir Mohammad Tayab Kamili, Dr. Javid Iqbal Moulana Altaf Rafiquee and others read their papers on life and teachings of Maulana Rumi (RA).
Addressing the seminar, Justice Bashir Ahmad Kirmani said that Rumi was a great spiritualist and a great scholar of Islam. He said that his way was God’s own way and by propagating his philosophy and teachings we can redeem our young generation whom we are fast losing to corrupt culture and waywardness. He said that his teachings have made destinies of those who followed him.

Maulana Showkat Hussain Keing in his address highlighted the Maulana’s philosophy of brotherhood. He said that Mir Syed Ali Hamadani introduced philosophy and teachings of Rumi in Kashmir. He said that many an ills of current imperfect times can be addressed by adhering to Rumi’s teachings.

Addressing the seminar, Khurshid Ahmad Qanoongo said that Rumi’s teachings can be our guideline for traversing the current utterly chaotic and unpredictable times. Mr. Qanoongo lamented the loss of culture and heritage which is eroding with every passing day. He said that we can revive our culture and heritage by following Maulana’s teaching and his universal message of brotherhood and amity.

Director Information, Khawaja Farooq Renzushah addressing the seminar said that mention of Rumi makes us to think of spirituality and undying love for our Prophet (SAW). He said that we are going through turbulent times and need is to ignore the irrelevant issue and work for strengthening bonds of humanism. He said that our philosophy is one and we should not get swayed by different outlooks. He said that Awliya-i-Kiram led us to the path of Islam and need of the hour is to propagate their teachings. He said that for contemporary Muslim redemption lies in following the path of great spiritual saints of Islam who stood for peace and brotherhood.
Dr. Bashir Ahmad Nehvi while highlighting the life and teachings of Maulana Rumi said that he touched every aspect of life in his Masnavi. He said that Rumi’s teachings and philosophy has universal appeal. He said he was a great spiritualist and his Masnavi is a book of unparallel poetic beauty.

Dr. Syed Abdul Majid Andrabi addressing the seminar said that Maulana’s contribution in literature is extra-ordinary saying that Maulana touched the heights of spirituality.
Later, Wali Mohammad Makhdoomi presented a PowerPoint presentation on philosophy and teachings of Maulana Rumi and Allama Iqbal.
[Raja Muneeb is a Journalist based at Jammu, J&K. He can be contacted at rajamuneeb27@gmail.com]

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