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09 April 2012

First air travel prayer time calculator launched

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By Andy Sambidge

The world's first air travel prayer time calculator has been launched to help Muslims know their prayer times along the flight path of their journey.

Singapore-based Crescentrating has launched the application which also gives information on the availability of prayer facilities at airports around the world.

Based on the departure airport and time, as well as the arrival airport and time, the application calculates the prayer times along its flight path, Crescentrating said in a statement.

“This is the public beta release of the application. Once we have tested with as many travellers as possible, we will launch the mobile applications," said Fazal Bahardeen, CEO of Crescentrating.

Fazal Bahardeen, CEO of Crescentrating
"We also plan to add other features such as direction for prayers in the future release of the app,” he added.
Up until now, knowing the prayer times for a plane journey has been a challenge, Crescentrating said, adding that most Muslim travellers have had to make educated guesses.

With the Muslim travellers on the rise, there was a real need for such a tool, it added.

“From the very inception of Crescentrating, this was one of the frustrations of Muslims travellers that we wanted to find a solution for," said Bahardeen.

"It took us a bit of time, but we are now extremely excited to launch this application. We hope this will make life easier for those who want make sure that they do not miss their prayers while on an airplane,” he added.

Crescentrating's website includes Muslim traveller guides for hundreds of cities around the world.

Crescentrating, a Singapore based company, is focused on the development of the Halal friendly travel market segment worldwide.

Its core products include the rating of travel services based on the services and facilities they provide to Muslim travellers and its travel portal for Muslim travellers.

(Courtesy: ArabianSupplyChain.com)

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